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1987.05(?).DD - Unknown UK publication (short article)

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1987.05(?).DD - Unknown UK publication (short article) Empty 1987.05(?).DD - Unknown UK publication (short article)

Post by Blackstar on Wed Aug 29, 2018 2:22 am

Many thanks to @troccoli for sharing with us the rare articles and interviews he has collected, as well as many other amazing GN'R memorabilia.
The original pictures of this article can be found on his site here:

Well, those well-known new age hellraizers Lines N’ Noses (aka Guns N’ Roses) recently had trouble obtaining a suitable work permit from the UK authorities which would allow them to play their proposed date at the Marquee Club on June 19.

Apparently, it wasn’t their ever-growing reputation for mayhem, destruction and debauchery that baulked the stiff upper lip brigade, but rather a new ruling whereby any rock band keen to play on these shores has to apply for the relevant documentation months ahead of schedule rather than merely weeks, as was the norm in the past.

Thus, the first application from the Lines N’ Noses camp was rejected and they only scraped into England on their second pies.

Now, there’s word of warning descend on our sceptred isle. In fact, VFTB is given to believe that it was this very ruling that precluded Poison from performing live whilst here on a recent promotional tour.
Talking of Lines N’ Noses, it seems that one particular member of the band is keen to get a T-shirt made up with the following legend printed across it: ‘Join Guns N’ Roses and Destroy All You See’. Sounds like fun to [?]

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