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1986.08.18 - Music Connection - Vicky Hamilton's letter

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1986.08.18 - Music Connection - Vicky Hamilton's letter Empty 1986.08.18 - Music Connection - Vicky Hamilton's letter

Post by Soulmonster on Mon Apr 09, 2018 9:46 pm

1986.08.18 - Music Connection - Vicky Hamilton's letter 20180416

The is the letter Vicky Hamilton sent to Music Connection as a response to Axl's letter which was published in August 1986.


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Dear M.C. & Guns N’ Roses:
In regards to the Guns N’ Roses conflict letter (“Guns N’ Roses Versus M.C.,” Aug. 4) I’d first like to say that I still have the utmost respect for both Guns N’ Roses and Karen Burch. What was meant to be a realistic story has now become the biggest of cheap Hollywood scandals. I’ve tried to remain silent about any personal experiences that have occurred between myself and the bands I manage, but feel that the facts must come out about my relationship with Guns N’ Roses.
Though one of the most exciting times in my life, [managing GN’R] was also the most painful. Guns N’ Roses are the kind of guys that your mother warned you about, and most of the stories are true. However, I did stop their demo tapes to the major record companies, I did give Tom Zutaut Guns N’ Roses demo tape and I did set them up with Peter Paterno, the lawyer who negotiated the band’s deal with Geffen. Come on, Axl, give credit where credit is due.
As for Karen Burch, I know she printed the article word-for-word off the tape. Otherwise, the band and Paterno would have “sued Music Connection’s balls off!” (quote from Izzy). Sexual prodding? I must have seriously missed something – funny how that went right past the other eight or nine people in my living room. I really couldn’t see Karen going for someone with a pierced nipple.
Hey, guys, let’s put it to rest. I think that Guns N’ Roses is one of the hottest bands to come out of L.A. and I wish you the best, but let’s keep the music separate from the personal stuff. Business is business and trash is trash.
Vicky Hamilton
Ex-manager of Guns N’ Roses,
now manager of Darling Cool
& Faster Pussycat
West Hollywood, CA

Stage manager

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