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1986.04.11 - BAM Magazine

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1986.04.11 - BAM Magazine Empty 1986.04.11 - BAM Magazine

Post by Soulmonster on Mon Aug 20, 2018 8:13 am

The April 11, 1986, issue of BAM Magazine contained a short notice about the band's upcoming gig at The Whisky set on April 5,

CD wrote:The spirit of the New York Dolls must have moved westward, because so many bands in Los Angeles have picked up on their trashy, tacky, and tattered personas. While a lot of these glam-cum-metal seem to equate quality with how many bandannas they can wrap around their various body parts, Guns N' Roses haven't forgotten that nothing - not even the baddest put this side of David Johannsen - is a substitute for a killer hook. "Anything Goes" sounds like vintage 1974-styled Aerosmith through it is a bit histrionic in the vocal department. Sure, they can be as sexist as the next leather n' studs guy, as in "Back Off," but that sort of thing comes with the territory. After all, you don't even think about going to see a band like Guns N' Roses if you want your consciousness raised.

Pictures of the magazine can be found here: Thanks to troccoli for not only collecting so much awesome Guns N' Roses memorabilia but also allowing us to share that info here at A4D.
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