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1986.12.DD - RIP Magazine - Fresh Blood

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1986.12.DD - RIP Magazine - Fresh Blood Empty 1986.12.DD - RIP Magazine - Fresh Blood

Post by Blackstar on Tue Aug 28, 2018 1:33 pm

Many thanks to @troccoli for sharing with us the rare articles and interviews he has collected, as well as many other amazing GN'R memorabilia.
The original picture of this interview can be found on his site here:



Look out, world! From the sleazy, slimy depths of Hollywood’s backstreets crawl Guns and Roses, one buncha’ joltin’ mo fo’s who play uncluttered, ball-crushing, Led Zeppelin-style rock ‘n’ roll. With dual guitars, screeching Steve Marriot-like vocals and thunderous drumming, these guys are the epitome of young, snotty rock stars! “Being bad is a rush,” says lead singer Axl Rose. “One time this hippie chick wandered into our studio and started messing with our equipment. She eventually wound up running down Sunset Boulevard in L.A., naked, all dingy, didn’t even know her name. The firemen and the cops all came down on us for that.” Well, they may have beat the rape rap, but now they’re in London recording their hot new vinyl debut for Geffen records – even though these neo-glam party boys just completed a 37-song, two track recording in just three days! And hey, don’t expect any wimpy, limp-wristed love songs either. “This one girl f**ked the whole band, friends of the band, the band next door,” Axl says sentimentally. “And two days later she says to me, ‘Axl, I’m having your child.’”

So if you wanna have your brain pulverized like a tiny grape being smashed between Dolly Parton’s massive mammaries, you oughta check out Guns and Roses when they come to invade your hometown – but be forewarned; keep the young women at home.

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