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Post by Soulmonster on Wed May 02, 2012 8:18 pm

UPDATE: Hudson For Haiti, R.I.P.ABC, and what’s next…

Monday, April 30
Hudson, NY

Hello my peeps,

After what has been an intense and busy first quarter of 2012, I finally have time to talk about some of the highlights and lowlights thus far. I’ll start with the lowlights. I’ve been at a loss for words as to the death of my friend Armand. Not only was he my friend, but he was also a great bass tech, and he will be missed by a lot of good people. His untimely death has given me much to reflect on and to be grateful for. R.I.P.ABC.

Now for some highlights! I had a great little east coast tour last week which started with a benefit show at Club Helsinki in Hudson, NY. It was a tool drive for the graduating class at Timkatec trade schools in Haiti ( As you probably already know, I have been raising money for this school since the earthquake . Our goal was to raise $15,000 and we ended up raising a little over $18,000! And we’ve just received wonderful news – Herrington’s here in Hudson has offered to donate the lion’s share of the tools we need, saving us a great deal of money which will now go towards providing Timkatec students with the food they desperately need now that USAid has cut off supply to Port-au-Prince.

Our friend Antony Katz designed a beautiful hand-screened poster for the event, and we have a few left over which I signed and can be purchased in my webstore with the proceeds going to Timkatec.

There are so many talented people in Hudson who stepped it up and came together to help make this happen. Everybody donated their time and services to the cause, and some just helped by being there, and never before have I lived in such a diverse and caring community.

Please show the following folks your support by going to their websites, checking out their businesses, or by just reaching out and saying “Thanks!”

Club Helsinki (An awesome live venue and restaurant. Thank you Marc, Deborah, and their entire staff who have all been nothing but great to us since moving to Hudson.)
White Rice
Casa Urbana (my girls love getting their nails done here.)
Le Gamin (best eggs benedict on the planet.)
Stair Galleries (I want everything in this place.)
Ca’ Mea Restaurant & Inn
Red Dot (LOL Alana.)
Hudson River Tattoo
Musica (I wonder if Rob knew it was the Dave Mustaine model flying V!)
Lillie K Chai shop (Good luck with the new restaurant.)
Kristopher Perry (Thanks for being such a great friend.)
Sorted Creative (Great poster Antony! Sticky buns for you, man!)
Cafe Le Perche
David Wexler & Grandstand Sports
DaBa Hudson
Jean and John Roccanova; Grow Against Poverty
Shana Lee (I love your jewelry!)
Five and Diamond
Steve & Anne Koenig (Wonderful friends whose support for Timkatec knows no bounds)
Hudson City Books
Evan Rothman &
Melissa Auf der Maur & Tony Stone
Chip Roberts & Debbi Calton (Thanks for always helping me with everything!)
Elvis Perkins In Dearland
Trapper Schoepp & the Shades
Pocatello (Lets make a record!)
Dan Wall
Carline Murphy (Your candor and support is invaluable and very appreciated.)
Erika Clark (Couldn’t have done this without you)
WGXC Hudson Community Radio, WAMC Albany Public Radio, Radio Woodstock, Exit 97.7 Albany
Jonny Phillip, Tim Schweiger, Justin Perkins (My great backing band)
Emily Roberts (My beautiful and supportive wife)
Benny Perlstein (My manager and my friend)

Since getting back from the last few weeks of work I’ve been able to rev up the big rig and start recording some new rock. Photos, videos, and more updates to come!

Now I must start getting my shit together for the European GNR tour. I’ll be looking forward to working up some new long over due GNR rock soon. See y’all on the road!

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