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Welcome to Appetite for Discussion -- a Guns N' Roses fan forum!

Please feel free to look around the forum as a guest, I hope you will find something of interest. If you want to join the discussions or contribute in other ways then you need to become a member. We especially welcome anyone who wants to share documents for our archive or would be interested in translating or transcribing articles and interviews.

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2010.07.31 - Interview with Bumblefoot - Mushie's Blog

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2010.07.31 - Interview with Bumblefoot - Mushie's Blog Empty 2010.07.31 - Interview with Bumblefoot - Mushie's Blog

Post by Soulmonster Sat 31 Jul 2010 - 11:38

New interview with Bumblefoot posted at Mushie's Blog:

Mushie: First and foremost, how do you feel about the Chinese Democracy World Tour? In the eye of Turkish fans, the tour seems to be going very well. Especially, the Far East and South American legs have been of huge success for the band. Considering no promotion has been made for Chinese Democracy, have you been expecting such a great interest?

Bumblefoot: This has been the best touring I’ve ever been part of – the band has been solid, and the audiences have been fantastic! I never know what to expect when we go on tour, I don’t assume everything will be as I hope – but the fans always make it better than I expect…

Mushie: Speaking of Chinese Democracy, despite the impatient wait of 15 years for the album to come out, the band had no efforts to promote the sale, no videos or other promotional matters have been released so far. Do you have any good news on this, shall we expect to have a “Better” video soon? It might be a nice surprise for us to see an official “Better” video incorporating scenes from the Chinese Democracy World Tour.

Bumblefoot: I don’t know the exact reasons why things went the way they did. I would have liked to see promotion, something for the world to get to know the music, and to know the people who made the music. Right now it’s just a lot of Twitter and Facebook, tours and YouTube…

Mushie: Let’s continue with Chinese Democracy. My favorite song changes from time to time. During the years we were waiting for the album, my favorite was “Madagascar” among those leaked. When the album came out, “Better” took my heart and now “There was a time” and “If the World” are continuously playing on my media player. Which of the Chinese Democracy songs do you enjoy playing most and, of course, why?

Bumblefoot: I like playing Shackler’s Revenge. It has a lot of energy, cool grooves and melodies, and it keeps me busy on stage. I play the fretted / fretless double-neck guitar, switching back and forth on the necks while singing. I need to keep busy, otherwise I start misbehaving, haha.

Mushie: So as we talk about the favorites, you’ve been on the road for quite some time and you’ve visited many countries some of which saw Guns N’ Roses on stage for the first time. Which one was your personal favorite, which audience thrilled you most?

Bumblefoot: All the audiences have been great, but the Latin American audiences are the most wild of all. I’ve had great experiences in Russia, Asia, Latin America, Europe, hard to choose. There’s definitely something special about playing a country that’s seeing the band for the first time, but there’s also something special about coming back to somewhere you’ve played before, seeing people you’ve missed and haven’t seen in years. It’s all good, in its own way.

Mushie: Let me ask the most important question the answer of which Turkish fans have been looking forward to hear since you’ve last visited Istanbul in 2006. When will we be able to see Guns N’ Roses in Istanbul again? Rumor has it that you will be playing the Masstival this September. Any chance we see you this year or maybe next? Also, can you tell us about your experience of Istanbul in 2006, any memories?

Bumblefoot: I was hoping we’d return during this upcoming European tour, but for whatever reason it didn’t happen. It’s a complicated arrangement between management and booking agents and promoters and venues and schedules, and if one thing goes wrong the show doesn’t happen. The confirmed tour dates are listed online at GNR’s Facebook page and at, right now those are our only tour dates. I think the last time we played in Istanbul was the very last time I played using my ‘Flying Foot’ guitar… I remember taking my solo and the guitar broke half-way through, pieces of black and yellow wood hit my feet! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!! After the show I remember being at a party, leaning back on a big white couch with the band around me, and just pulling my hat down over my eyes and shutting the world out. It was an odd tour for me – first one with GNR, and a lot of obstacles.

Mushie: I know that you are very busy with the tour right now, but shall we expect a new album after the tour ends? I mean, the fruit of the 15-year wait cannot be just an album, there might be other songs recorded.

Bumblefoot: It’s not good to talk about plans, it increases the odds of them not happening…. Right now the focus is the touring, we’ll see what happens after that, but for now it’s all about touring and more touring.

Mushie: After turbulent years following the breakup of the original crew, fans thought that the crew stabilized. But all of a sudden Robin got out, and we all saw Dj Ashba becoming the new axeman just before the Chinese Democracy World Tour began. He was a complete stranger for most of the Turkish fans who were very unhappy to see him on board. You know, his emo look and prejudices! But he showed everyone how a talented guitarist he is and as far as I could follow the 2010 shows (thanks to the Latin American fans, we have dvds of the South America shows), he is a real part of Guns N’ Roses. How is touring with him, having him on board?

Bumblefoot: We spent most of 2009 working together on our guitar parts, guitar sounds, everything. We made sure that when we hit the road again, we were ready. DJ put on a great show, and earned the audience’s respect. All is good. Smile

Mushie: Isn’t it a problem that you have three guitarists on board? I mean, how do you share parts and roles. From where I see, the band does not have a sole lead guitarist, but all three may be leading depending on the song. This was different when Slash was there. He was definitely the lead guitarist and Izzy seemed to be happy with that. I found it very rich that we have three of you on the crew at the same time. Each of you is bringing a different rhythm and taste to the band’s music.

Bumblefoot: We had a fourth guitarist but he forgot his passport at home, we had to tour without him. Three guitarists is easy. There’s so much more you can do with three guitarists than two. For example, you can stand in a triangle formation. You can do great old-school metal covers with the double-harmony leads – Maiden, Priest, Queensryche, or classic stuff like Thin Lizzy and Boston. There’s almost enough of us to make ‘light bulb jokes’ (you know, “How many guitarists does it take to unscrew a light bulb…?”) And if one spontaneously quits and walks off the stage, you won’t even notice. I’ve tried that, it works!

Mushie: About Slash, there are always rumors about the reunion. I don’t think this would ever be happening, but there are many fans still expecting to see Slash, Duff and Izzy back on the crew. How do you feel about such fans? I mean, does it hurt you that these guys want to see them back?

Bumblefoot: Man, I have so much good stuff going on in my own life, a lot besides GNR. I’m busy making music and getting things done, my only concerns are about giving my best with whatever I’m doing. When I’m touring with GNR I care about the show going well, and what special things I can do for fans, meet-n-greets or contests. When I’m visiting kids at a music school I care about inspiring them. When I’m in the studio laying guest solos on people’s albums or making songs for video games and TV shows I care about making it fun and intense, or whatever it’s supposed to be. When I’m with my family I care about them, nothing else. I’m about to release a transcription book of my first album from ’95 being re-released this year – when working on that my concern was the layout of every page, the quality of the paper, making it the best it can be. When doing lessons for guitar magazines I care about explaining the parts and writing out the music accurately and ready to be published. When I’m producing and collaborating with people in the studio I care about getting the best out of them, and making something unique. When I’m mixing and mastering people’s albums I care about making it sound better than they thought it could sound. When I’m having those rare moments of ‘me’ time, to exercise or play guitar, I care about staying focused. Then there’s hours of fan mail, and eating, shitting, showering, sleeping… So, when am I supposed to sit around crying about people that hope for a reunion? How’s Tuesday at 3pm? I think I might have 10 minutes free.

Mushie: So, we can’t really end an interview about Guns N’ Roses without speaking of Axl. For me, he is God! How is life with Axl? Is he as moody as the old members say?

Bumblefoot: I’ve got some questions for you, sir. If Axl is God to you, does that mean when you die Axl will greet you at the pearly gates? Or will some other God be there and turn you away for not accepting *him* as your Lord and Savior? What if Axl’s still here when you die? Will you be greeted by GNR management instead? What if we’re in-between managers? It’s happened, could be a long wait. What happens when Axl hits the afterlife? Will ‘matter Axl’ be greeted by ‘anti-matter Axl’ and all of creation will implode? And how does Chuck Norris fit into all of this? I’ve had a lot of fun times hangin’ with Axl over the years, I’d rather recall people at their best, not their worst. Actually I can be pretty fucking moody…

Mushie: Anything you’d like to say to all the Guns N’ Roses fans in Turkey at the moment?

Bumblefoot: Sorry we didn’t get to come back this time around, but hopefully we’ll be able to at some point. Would love to see you all again Smile

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