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"Guns N' Roses into golf"

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"Guns N' Roses into golf" Empty "Guns N' Roses into golf"

Post by Soulmonster on Sat Apr 21, 2012 11:56 am

GUNS N’ ROSES plan to mix boozing with playing golf when they get time off from touring the UK next month.

The rockers still like a big night out balanced with some fresh air on the greens.

Keyboardist Dizzy Reed told me: “Everybody is better than me at golf but it’s good to get out there in the air. It’s rock ’n roll escapism.

“Mind you, some acts say golf and relaxation keeps them sane, but I use booze for that. Jagermeister I’m pretty fond of.

“If I stick with one thing I am pretty good. If you mix it then you go weird.

“Everyone in the band is responsible these days when it comes to excesses like alcohol and drugs, but when we are a month into a tour it’s always good to knock back a couple of drinks and enjoy it.”

With their new UK show kicking off at Nottingham Arena on May 19, hits like Paradise City and Sweet Child O’ Mine
will get turned up to 11.

But don’t expect to see any tributes to our British boybands like One Direction for breaking America.

Dizzy, 48, mused: “I listened to them and I moved on. With every new wave and genre of music I think 90% is not very good and 9% is good while 1% is great.”

Any rising rock acts gigging while GNR are in Blighty better clear their guest list, as the band might turn up for a nosey.

Dizzy added: “Last time we were in Britain we took a train to an amusement park and saw some cool haunted houses.

“Years ago we used to go to rock and strip bars and we’d go and see a good band playing if they were on.

“I saw Chelsea v Arsenal last time. We were at the Arsenal end and as they are called the Gunners of course we would support them.”

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