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Could the US tour mean a revamp to the GN'R site at last?

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Could the US tour mean a revamp to the GN'R site at last?

Post by seely on Sun Sep 04, 2011 9:42 am

Just a thought of mine recently, now that GN'R look set to tour the US properly again this fall, is there a chance we could finally and at long last see the official GN'R site revamped and updated at last? When the 2006 US tour was announced, they also launched the current website, due as part of the band's partnership with Major League Baseball for the tour. The site was frequently updated throughout this tour (and to a lesser extent the 2007 one). Now that GN'R have arranged, from what we understand, some sort of tour deal with livenation following the Axl/Azoff lawsuit settlement, could livenation or someone take over the official site and revamp it at last. It would be in their best interests to do, and now the lawsit is over there's no real reason for them to not want to do it.
We could finally also get a new link to the official store, as the only one we got was on their facebook page a while back (http://www.bamstores...=gnr_splashmain)
and I did also notice a few changes were made to the official UK and Europe online store, some stock was removed and a new background put up (http://www.bandstore...cts.php?cat=614) and the only link to this site is on the page set up ahead of CD's release. So perhaps things are in motion at last?


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Re: Could the US tour mean a revamp to the GN'R site at last?

Post by Soulmonster on Sun Sep 04, 2011 7:29 pm

It would be great if it was the case, but I doubt it. I think a revamp of the official site will coincide with a release of new music not "just" a continuation of their current tour (yeah, I know this might strictly speaking be a new tour, but still...).

All this being said, you do make a strong case for something brewing.
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