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Sebastian Bach talks about Axl

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Sebastian Bach talks about Axl Empty Sebastian Bach talks about Axl

Post by Soulmonster on Sat Sep 03, 2011 3:27 pm

From War on mygnr:

Source: Sebastian Bach FanPage on Facebook

On to another subject: these recent years, you have made multiple
appearances during some Guns N’ Roses concerts. Axl Rose sang on Angel
Down and you did backing vocals on the Guns N’ Roses song Sorry. What
has drawn you together to the point of creating what looks like a strong
friendship with Axl?

SB: I met Axl in 1989, when I was opening up for Aerosmith at the L.A.
Farm. He came and sang a song with Steven Tyler, and he didn’t know the
words, so I taught him the words right before he went on. We’ve been
friends ever since. We’re extremely close, Axl is very close to me. I’ve
known him for a long time. Nobody helps me in rock’n’roll more than
him. He’s helped me out immensely. He brought Skid Row on tour back in
’92 or ‘91, and then he brought my solo band on tour like three or four
years in a row. That’s rare in this business. He could take any band out
on tour with him, but he takes me out, and it’s really nice. As for me
singing on his album, yes, I sang on Chinese Democracy, and then I asked
him off-handedly: “Hey dude, I sang on your record, when are you going
to sing on mine?” He was like: “Tell me when and where”, and I couldn’t
believe it: “What?! You’re really gonna sing on my record?!” He showed
up at the studio and we had a great night, and he sang incredibly. He
was going to sing on Kicking & Screaming too, he said : “Baz, what’s
the last day I can sing on this record?” I gave him a day, and that day
came and went, so… (laughs) He didn’t make it this time, but maybe he
could be on the next record. He’s a great singer, I love the sound of
his voice.

So, you think you will collaborate further with Axl in the future?

SB: We definitely will, sometime in the future. But he has his own
schedule, to say the least. He has his own clock, he’s on Axl time!
(Laughs) When we did the concerts, people asked me when Guns N’ Roses
would go on, and I would say: “They’re going on Axl time!” (Laughs)
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