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Welcome to Appetite for Discussion -- a Guns N' Roses fan forum!

Please feel free to look around the forum as a guest, I hope you will find something of interest. If you want to join the discussions or contribute in other ways then you need to become a member. We especially welcome anyone who wants to share documents for our archive or would be interested in translating or transcribing articles and interviews.

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2020.08.DD - GN'R Reddit - Fernando Lebeis talks to fans

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2020.08.DD - GN'R Reddit - Fernando Lebeis talks to fans Empty 2020.08.DD - GN'R Reddit - Fernando Lebeis talks to fans

Post by Blackstar Mon Jun 10, 2024 5:12 pm

On July 25, 2020, the mods on GN'R Reddit announced that posts directed at Fernando would be banned:

Fernando posts are no longer allowed
They will be instantly deleted and you will receive a minimum 7 day ban for posting.

I know fans are often complaining but... They don't see anything new! Only "sooner than soon", the last NILT select was a month ago. The management is her to talk with fans even if it's not easy because of bad language. The GNR thread should talk about everything, good and bad decisions/news not only what's allowed....

flebeis (July 31)
Yes I am, however there are items which keeps me away from having time to finish a conversation. And unfortunately the venue which allows me to speak to you directly (discord) I get recorded even when asked not to be and my points shared via outlets and used against our progress. So yeah, bummer.
My priority is, music, tour, merch, happiness. All of which will be taking place next year.
Selects have taken a pause and unsure of its future.
We are looking to possibly do a coffee table book using NITL photos, lithos and a story behind each show, and also possibly a second book using never before seen photos of the band. (It’s a lot harder than some of you may think it is)
Also, trying to figure out what’s the next limited item we should have; I know some of you hates the whole truck and other ideas alike; but we really enjoy them.

[Critical comments about Fernando and the decision of the mods]

flebeis (July 31)
Oh my, what did I miss? Flame galore?

flebeis (to moderator)
I don’t have one, might of been deleted, mind resending?


Then, on August 1st, 2020, the mods decided to partially allow questions for Fernando in a sticky thread created for that purpose:

August 1, 2020:

Fernando update

jdw62995 MOD
I have messaged Fernando recently and we are going to try to do something semi regularly on the sub regarding community outreach
This does not mean Fernando posts are allowed, this means that there will be a not so strictly scheduled and semi-regular sticky post on the sub where Fernando may either attend, or message me with responses to.
This will be your place to ask questions, to send him #KIND words, or just chat GNR with him.
I can not and will not guarantee an answer to every question and a non answer does not mean your voices are being ignored, it simply means he either doesn't know, or can't disclose the answer.
If you have any questions please comment or message me, I will try to be in touch with Fernando in the close future to set this up.
The harassment rule is still in effect, name calling or harassment is an immediate and irreversible ban.

Hoow that's nice! I hope It'll be a cool channel of discussion and interaction between TB and us. u/flebeis can we have more details about 2020 Merch that will come on the website? Does it will be available for Europe?

It will be all of the left over stock, I am working with our different camps / merch and fan club to come up with a working formula for the fans to have priority over the rest.


[deleted user]
Who's name calling? Stop being to touchy...its a huge band we're talking about not some new indi band off the streets that are trying to be noticed... They're treating the fans like idiots, i dont know what GNR needs apart from new management, 20 years we've had one great studio album, a crap greatest hits. A re recorded live era, appetite for democracy with the weakest setlist of the whole residency on there now GH again with shadow thrown on? Yes the tours are great ive been to most since 2002 but stop talking the piss team Brazil

Hey man, got it. You are unhappy with management. Noted. Move on.

1. thoughts on Matt Sorum’s book. He names names. Throws people under the bus. Is he worth more or less than Adler to management?
2. will we ever see any other former members join in (fink? Bucket? Bumble? Ashba? Stinson?). Very thankful for keeping the name alive during those years.
3. if, eventually, there will be new music - is everyone agreeing on the sound?

1. We haven’t read it.
2. We will keep doing what we are doing, if anything makes sense at the time, we would figure out then.
3. Not sure what you mean, when it happens, the guys will all be behind it.

1. don’t waste your time. I was disappointed.
2. thank you
3. thank you for interpreting a poor question!
Stay safe and appreciate your time!

1. Ha, ok. Thanks!
2. Y//W
3. It’s what I do.

Fernando, first of all, thanks for doing this.
I understand that a lot of the things the fans are frustrated about - mainly the lack of new music and the fact that there have been only two official releases of live shows in 30 years, although there is all this treasure of filmed shows and a documentary collecting dust somewhere - are not up to you and you probably are not even not in position to give full updates.
But I think you understand, too, that since the band doesn't do press nor is there any other kind of official communication, e.g. regular press releases, the burden falls on you to represent the band in a professional manner, so you become the target of this frustration (which, admittedly, sometimes is expressed very aggressively towards you to the point that it becomes toxic).
Anyway, three questions:
1. Is there a plan to release a Use Your Illusion box set next year? And if so, is it a priority over new music? Or one doesn't exclude the other?
2. Is Axl informed about the fans' reactions to the leaks and that many fans in the online communities liked what they heard?
3. Is there a chance that Axl does a Q&A with the fans? Not live, but by collecting questions and sending them to him to answer the ones he feels comfortable to (I think this is the best way to do it).

I completely understand.
1. We have talked about the idea internally, nothing more than that.
2. Move on.
3. Not at this time.

Alphaville15 (August 2)
Thanks for 1 & 3.
As for 2 ("Move on"): Now, see, rude posts by venting fans can contribute to the negativity between fans and management, but this kind of response from you to a simple and neutral question is part of what contributes to the problem or to the misunderstandings at your end and makes the fans feel disrespected. I suppose you're not in position to answer the question and that's perfectly fine, you could have just said that you couldn't or didn't wish to comment on anything related to the leaks, or even just have skipped the question completely, and I think most of us here would respect that. Maybe it wasn't your intention, but "move on" really comes off as condescending and contemptuous.

flebeis (August 2)
Move on.

Alphaville15 (August 3)
Alright, I'll follow your polite advice, so here are some other questions:
1. (Rephrase) Do Axl, Slash and Duff get any feedback on what the hardcore fans would like to see from the band?
2. The North American shows have been rescheduled, but what about the European shows? Do you have any updates?
3. Why did the NITL tour skip certain places, like all Southeastern Europe (countries like Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece)? Wasn't there any interest from the local promoters or it was for other reasons?
4. Just for clarification: When you say "we" referring to plans and discussions about the future of the band, do you mean Axl, Slash, Duff and yourself? Or maybe the label, too?

flebeis (August 3)
2. It’s coming
3. We still plan on hitting the countries you mentioned and more.
4. The label is only involved in my “we” when we are releasing something which includes the label.

TonedTony (August 2)
"Hey we weren't happy the leaks occurred and we're looking towards the future, thank you" or "We understand leaks occurred but won't be commenting on them, thanks."
Free PR lesson for ya, bruv <3

flebeis (August 2)
Nothings free.

manfisman (August 2)
Hey Fernando, I think that it's nice of you to keep in touch despite the toxicity of some fans. So, thank you for that.
I only have two questions:
1. Are you planning to officially release some kind of NITL Bluray/Live album?
2. Are you looking to release new music when touring resumes?

[deleted user]
There's 4 good Live albums already out there, easily available to get hold of.. Thats all they'll give us but an official release... Apollo 17, The two Vegas 16 shows and LA 2017 all good

flebeis (August 2)
Apollo was so special. What a venue. What a band.

[deleted user]
Loved the stripped back kinda small venue, Brownstone, Rocket, BHS and Patience we're the the best ive heard in a long time

flebeis (August 3)
I had a few friends with me at that gig that had never seen GNR live, they said it was the best show they have ever watched. That Apollo show was truly special, forever thankful for Sirius giving us that opportunity.

[deleted user]
I'd love something as intimate in uk or Europe but at the moment obviously staying safe takes priority... Apollo sounded fantastic on Sirius as did LA 17
I still dont think ill see GNR as good as London x2 or Dublin all in 2017, ive seen great shows in 2002,06,10,12, 17,18 and Axl acdc which was the best vocal performance ive ever seen

flebeis (August 3)
We should meet up next show you are at.

u/flebeis- what happened to Seattle on the tour re-booking? Surprised that Duff wasn’t able to convince everyone else to make it happen somehow. Had front row tix...super bummed Sad

flebeis (August 2)
Availability x Routing were the deciding factor for next year’s dates. If anything opens up, we would add if a me. We are hoping to add more shows.... there’s still a long road ahead of us...

u/flebeis Hey Fernando, hope you are well.
My questions please:-
1. I think you said that something was ready to drop before COVID arrived - was this going to be a tour single/EP or something else?
2. Will there be standalone live releases in the future of gigs from throughout the bands career - Ritz 88, UYI gig, CD gig, NITL gig? I think it’s important to document how good the band is during these eras. If so, please make these available on many mediums (CD, Vinyl, Blu Ray).
3. If there is talk of a UYI boxset, will there also be a consideration of CD boxset (really hope so)?
4. Are there plans to reissue Spaghetti, Live Era and CD on vinyl?

flebeis (August 2)
2. We have talked about doing a live album from NITL tours. As for the rest. We haven’t really talked about others. 3. There’s no talk on either, as of yet. 4. Possibly.

Thanks for the response - appreciate you taking the time.
London 2017 was awesome and would love an official document of the tour.
Good to hear it’s a possibility of getting Live Era and CD on vinyl.
Cheers ????

flebeis (August 2)
Man, that was indeed a great set of shows. We love London! I remember back in mid 2000s we stayed in London for like 4months after the tour, what a city.

Hi Fernando, I was wondering if there is any talk of streaming a full show from the NITL tour? Maybe a PPV style thing to raise money for Covid relief or something. I would love to have a blu ray to buy or to stream a show in great quality because I know I won’t get to see the band for at least a year. I still watch the appetite for democracy 2012 blu ray but would love something similar from the Slash/Duff lineup.

flebeis (August 2)
Yes, we do have a live release in the works.

Thank you for your reply Fernando. Is this likely to be an audio only release or video too? ????

flebeis (August 3)

I have an other question u/flebeis : Does band members have played together since their last show or talk about the futur of Gnr?
Thank you for answering to all thoses questions asked by the community

flebeis (August 2)
Yep and yep.

Hi Fernando! Hope you and your family are doing well during these difficult times. We all know how fans feel about the wait for a new album. That's what we all want. But I would like to know how the band and management feels about it. Do they feel pressured by the fans? Or maybe they feel reassured that what they release in the future will not disappoint the fans?

flebeis (August 2)
Hi, thanks for the message. I hope you and yours are safe and sound.
There’s no pressure, Axl and the guys are working as you know. All is in great harmony.

u/flebeis 1.)Will all of the different vinyl components from the Locked N Loaded box eventually be made available more easily to the common consumer? In other words, will the LLAS vinyl, b-sides vinyl, or the sound city vinyl eventually be released on their own?
2.)Will there eventually be a “proper” release of the mystic demo tape so that it can be heard on streaming services and such?
3.)Is there a reason why the other AFD demo sessions (Pasha and Hell House) weren’t included on the box set? If so, are there still plans to eventually release those as well?
4.)Any reason why SOYL was added to the Greatest Hits reissue but not anything from the Chinese Democracy era?
5.)Who’s decision was it to reissue Greatest Hits and why? How involved was the band with it?

flebeis (August 2)
1. No, the idea was to put everything we had on one release. So there’s no current conversation on breaking anything up to be released as a stand-alone.
2. No.
3. The guys worked with what we had and made the best package possible!
4/5. The label’s idea that the band really liked and was happy to make it onto unreleased format.

u/flebeis Hi fernando thanks for taking your time to do this.
1. Is there any update about GNR online community copyright takedowns?
2. Is there any plan of releasing AFD or UYI Pro shots? Guns N' Roses owns their content from those era's?
3. Any chance to release some official documental or some kind of series?
Again, Thanks for you time!

flebeis (August 2)
1. I have advised the different legal departments that works for us and the take downs were legal even though it was not made by any of our teams.
2. As of now, no, but yes we do own the footage.
3. When the time comes. Right now our main focus is to continue the greatness that is the band and what’s ahead.

This is by no means an insult or am I sassing you,but what greatness are you referring to?

flebeis (August 2)
Everything. I have been involved with the band since 1996, met Axl and the guys when I was 10 (1990)at over 40 now, greatness to me is seeing then and now. Hard to explain, but easy to summarize.
Hope that helps...

Hey. Its possible to get a chance to choose a show to be released if it is a plan to release a bluray from UYI Tour?. Ex: you have chosen 10 possible shows to remaster and restore in 4k. But u have time to make just 2 or 3 at this moment. Can we vote for what we want first? Thanks. Im dying to see some great shows from that era. 1991 rocks.

flebeis (August 2)
I can definitely make a note and if this idea was ever to materialize I will bring it up at that time.

1. Do you think Guns, in particular Axl, need to release new music to secure their legacy?
2. Why are the NITLT select live tunes on hold?
3. What do you think of the Nightrain fanclub?
4. Who is your favourite football player? ✌

flebeis (August 2)
1. I believe the band has so much talent that they could do a show with only covers and it would be incredible. I don’t think their legacy is at all challenged.
2. I think it is missing a lot of opportunities. We have brought on some people to help turn things around.
3. Oh man, so many, Cesar Sampaio was one of my favorites growing up, Cafu, R. Carlos, and obviously the entire team of Santos, FC.

1. I agree they do make covers their own but who really wants that. I think their talent is wasted. The solo projects have been amazing. I was pleasantly surprised by Dizzy solo RNR Aint Easy. It was fantastic.
2. My suggestions for Nightrain would be to drop the Passport. And get rid of Mo N Jo off the forum. His bully boy approach, sexist and racist Memes should not be ignored and he shouldn't be running the forum. It is a very bad association for Team Brazil.
3. Ah now I know you are a real football fan. Good man. I was a big fan of Zico and Romario in my youth and I'm a big fan of the Brazilian boys at Liverpool

flebeis (August 3)
2. I will investigate. Shouldn’t be happening.
3. Ha, yeah, taffarel, Bebeto, so many!

It'll be very easy to investigate as it's common knowledge what the scumbag does/did. The Mods on Nightrain are fully aware. Nothing will happen though and he will continue to do as he wishes on Nightrain. And Nightrain will continue to be a missed opportunity.
But if you want to talk football I'm your man. A GNR fan team V Team Brazil could be fun. Not so much for you as we would win ⚽ ????

flebeis (August 4)
I have to do some new hiring for the Team Brazil FC. hahaha
Win or lose, I am only in it for the fun. But I do play to win. Maybe you should come on our team.
I have received a few updates on the forum and will continue to dig deeper.

u/flebeis 1 - have you considered selling the UYI documentary footage to Netflix and letting them make a mini-series out of it, maybe to coincide with a UYI box set?
2 - Is the GNR camp still cool with Brain? Any chance he could make a guest appearance in the future? I saw him and Buckethead shortly after I saw GNR in 2017, he's still great and it'd be cool to see him join for a couple songs.
3 - Is there any chance the Houston 2016 show will be released, either as a NITL Select or a blu-ray/cd/vinyl product?

flebeis (August 3)
1. Answered.
2. We love brain!
3. There’s always a chance, as of today there has been no talks of releasing that specific show.

u/flebeis Hello Fernando. I hope you are well and greetings to all your family. I'live in buenos aires, argentina. I hope you can answer my questions.
1.- What about the new album? Do you know when it will come out?
2.- Do you have plans to launch a concert from the AFD or UYI era?
3.- I read months ago that they would release a single. I think it is the right time to do it, fans need to hear something new. What do you think?.
4.- Do you have plans to collaborate with an artist on any song?
5.- Are there possibilities to release unpublished music from previous years, even if it is to calm fans?
6.- Will they release live albums of different concerts of the UYI tour?

flebeis (August 2)
4. No as of now.
5. Possibilities, sure.
6. Up to the guys.

Is someone recording this?

flebeis (August 3)
People like you that ruins it for everyone else.

Hey u/flebeis, thanks for taking your time to answer our questions!
1. Have you been in touch with Izzy regarding possible guest appearances during the NITL tour?
2. What was your favorite show during NITL?
3. Which song would you love GNR to play that this lineup hasn't played yet?
4. Why is NITL selects paused, we really enjoyed it.. (if you can't answer this that's fine as well)
5. Which country would you like GNR to play where they haven't played yet?

flebeis (August 3)
1. I haven’t spoken to Izzy for sometime now. I love Izzy, he’s such a good person.
2. Shit man, the days off.
3. Some of the new ones.
4. Greece. Alaska (I know, not a country). Croatia. Romania. So many different places.

u/flebeis was the idea for the Greatest Hits vinyl something that came after the pandemic, or before? Just curious.

flebeis (August 4)

u/Flebeis Why has Axl trademarked his name?

flebeis (August 5)
Why not? No real reason, we were doing some usual renewal tasks and it came up.

Hi u/flebeis!
Not sure if you remember me from my username, but I’m the same girl who spoke with you in the discord audio chat.
Anyway, not a question. But if you remember, I had told you I’d sent you (well, the info@teambrazil account) a 1500+ word email (this was when you’d initially come here to ask for our input). It was very passionate because I care a lot about this band. You told me during the chat that you’d read it. I’m a bit sad because it’s been a couple of months and I don’t think you have. Sad

I’m a little sad. Sad
I just need to know if u/flebeis read my 1500+ word email or not.

flebeis (August 6)
Don’t be sad, what’s the email it came from? You can PM it to me. I do believe we received it.

[deleted comment]

flebeis (August 6)
Both!!! But street of dreams takes the cake.

What’s the better title... Street of Dreams or The Blues?!

flebeis (August 6)
Personally; I love The Blues.

I know it’s not quite the same area but do you know if the/any of the AC/DC shows with Axl were filmed professionally? That London show was one of the greatest things ever!

flebeis (August 7)
Every concert is filmed, however there were no pro shots of a concert, no.
It was truly such an amazing time. To see another camp’s inner working was truly an honor.

Hi Nando, here from Montevideo.
1. Are there any news regarding Lolla SA 2020 in late November?
2. Please release something, whenever.
3. What are guys up to man?
Outmost respect for you all.

flebeis (August 7)
1. I have been chasing every week. Lolla have been working around the clock to make the shows happen. However it’s still unknown.
2. Sooner rather than later!
3. Taking it one day at a time. Doing what they can with what they have.

Hey Fernando,
Hope you, your family and all of the guys are keeping well in these crazy, unprecedented times. Hope to see you all doing your thing once all of this passes - Got yet another European jaunt sorted, just keeping hold of everything til it gets rescheduled!
Since the release of Chinese, has Axl continued to write and record music despite having a wealth of material left over from the initial Chinese Democracy sessions?
The band haven't done any proper interviews since this whole thing got underway, would you ever consider doing a documentary/movie of some sorts where the band could profit on such a thing being released, sharing the stories of how everything came together etc, bundled with interviews and backstage bits etc? I'd throw my money at that.
Sort of ties in with my next question, have you guys hired a professional crew at any point since this tour kicked off to film several shows with the intention of releasing to the fanbase to document this larger than life monstrosity?
Congrats on your success over the last few years, you deserve a lot of credit for your efforts too as long as everyone else behind the scenes. I can't imagine the graft that goes into pulling these massive shows off.
I wish you every success in the future and I sincerely hope that the guys manage to get a new record together soon. The world is fucked and could benefit from hearing that fucking voice do it's thing with a band that does what it does better than anyone else.
I'm optimistic about the future, Fernando. I hope you feel that I am correct to be so.
Love as always

flebeis (August 7)
1. Thanks for the kind words, the entire family is doing great and social distancing. Scary times.
2. Axl’s way of writing and creating comes at all times, yes he has continued to write and create. His ideas are endless, which is great.
3. We don’t have any plans on doing a documentary or movie. We have shot a few shows professionally with one being released this year. We do have some ideas in place which was due to take place this year before the pandemic took over, however I am hoping it can still happen on our rescheduled dates in 2021.
4. You said it, it’s a team. We are a family, work together.
5. More than ever!
6. You and me both.
Again, thanks for the kind words. Nice to see nice in a world that is...

u/flebeis Thank you for taking the time to answer questions.
1. How does the material and jam sessions sound that Slash has mentioned? (The sessions with Axl)
2. Will there be any promotions in the near future that includes merchandise signed by the band? Sort of like what Metallica just did for the S&M album.
3. Did the band know about the Chris Cornell cover prior to his passing?

flebeis (August 7)
1. Great, obviously! I know, bias.
2. Unsure.
3. No, we didn’t. It was a nice surprise; considering the sadness.

u/flebeis  Will you ever make the Axl sneakers? We really want them, been waiting 29 years to buy some! (I know it's highly unlikely, but had to ask.) Ok, thanks... love you guys and stay well during these crazy times.

flebeis (August 7)
Believe it or not, being a huge sneaker head, it has been extremely difficult so have his shoes recreated.
But we are always checking. I have a few pairs of the classic OG ones.

chicagoerrol (August 9)
Where is my refund for the show that has been rescheduled? I requested it two weeks ago and I still don't have it. Yet tickets for the rescheduled show are on sale? I am unhappy with management because of all the double talkin' jive with the refund policy on these shows. You guys made it PITA to get money back and are still dicking around. What a bunch of B.S.

flebeis  (August 9)
Well, that’s unfortunate. I haven’t read one issue with the refund process, I guess there’s always a first. I am certain it will be straightened out, if you are still having issues, feel free to send an email to with your refund request and I will make sure you get your money back next week.

chicagoerrol (August 9)
Well, I will tell you that I am happy that you responded. Thanks. Hopefully I won't have to email you next week.

flebeis  (August 9)
I am sorry I usually don’t. Truly am.

Hey u/flebeis - was that really you on Discord War Room this morning or someone trying to be funny and impersonating you? Nobody knows!

flebeis (August 11)
Not me. I wouldn’t do anything like that.

u/flebeis Will there be lithographs again for the next tour? They were a great thing to do with some amazing designs (just wish I had more of them lol). Or will there be some other collectible/limited item? A coffee table book of the NITL ones, like you mentioned, would be fantastic. Ideally signed and numbered with a "book only" lithograph included ???????? Thanks

flebeis (August 15)
Lithos for sure.
Yeah we would create something special for the book.

I was listening to this amazing piano version of November Rain and I would love to listen another song (or songs) like this one. Just Axl with his piano, expressing his feelings in a destructive and lovely way (just a thought).

flebeis (August 16)
Truly is special. Watching him play is something indescribable.

All I care about is when new music is coming. I don’t care for rereleases. My GH is way better. I was happy to see Axl and Slash together live for the first. Although I don’t think I’ll be willing to pay nearly as much as I did last time for the experience in the future. I’ve seen Axl sing Welcome to the Jungle four times now in person. As a fan I’m just saying I’m only excited about looking forward to new music or old school shows in high def.

flebeis (August 16)
To each his own my man. Thanks for sharing.

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