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Think About You

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Think About You Empty Think About You

Post by Soulmonster on Wed Aug 04, 2010 7:40 pm

Think About You NeWborder_zpsk3uwcgt1
Appetite for Destruction, 1987; track no. 8.

Written by:
Lyrics: Izzy Stradlin.
Music: Izzy Stradlin.

Vocals: Axl Rose; lead Guitar: Slash; rhythm guitar: Izzy Stradlin; bass: Duff McKagan; drums: Steven Adler.

Live performances:
This song was part of Hollywood Rose's setlist. It was played heavily during Guns N' Roses' first years (1985 and 1986) but only played twice in 1987 and not played in 1988 to 1993. It again found its way to the set-lists in 2001 and 2006, but has not been played since 2006. In total it has, as of {UPDATEDATE}, at least been played {THINKABOUTYOUSONGS} times.
Say baby you been lookin' real good
       I remember when we met
       Funny how I never felt so good
       It's a feelin' that I know
       I know I'll never forget
       Ooh it was the best time I can remember
       Ooh and the love we shared - is lovin' that'll
       last forever
       There wasn't much in this heart of mine
       There was a little left and babe you found it
       It's funny how I never felt so high
       It's a feelin' that I know
       I know I'll never forget
       Ooh it was the best time I can remember
       Ooh and the love we shared - is lovin' that'll
       last forever
       I think about you
       Honey all the time my heart says yes
       I think about you
       Deep inside I love you best
       I think about you
       You know you're the one I want
       I think about you
       Darlin' you're the only one
       I think about you
       Somethin' changed in this heart of mine
       An' I'm so glad that ya showed me
       Funny how I never felt so high
       It's a feelin' that I know
       I know I'll never forget
       Ooh it was the best time I can remember
       Ooh and the love we shared - is lovin' that'll
       last forever

'Think About You' was cut and dry when I brought it in. Even if you write a song completely, when you bring it in it always ends up a little different when you record it [Guitar For The Practising Musician, September 1988]

Of the songs on the record, "Think About You" lzzy wrote before Guns N' Roses was even a nightmare [Guitar For The Practising Musician, September 1988]

Izzy wrote that one. There's a few parts of the lyrics that I put in there, and maybe gave it a little more flow, and worded it my way since I was the one singing it. Izzy does a lot of lyric writing. (...) I think it's kinda one of the ones that's a bit hidden. That's also with the way it was recorded. It's also very Hanoi Rocks-influenced, and the production on "Think About You" and the way it's done, is kinda like a tribute to all those old Hanoi Rocks records. It's something that Izzy was really into, and then he got me into it. It's kinda like a Hanoi Rocks song the way we looked at that [Nussbaum (1988) Ridin' That Night Train Through Musical History, Rock Scene - June 1988]

It's a fast lovesong about drugs, sex, Hollywood and money [An Interview With The Gunners, Hit Parader - March 1988]

Izzy wrote nine-tenths [of the lyrics] of 'Mr. Brownstone' and nine-tenths of 'Think About You.' I changed a couple of words here and there that fit better [Screamer, August 1988].

The only song [the recording] took a long time was, uh [forgetting the song title] that, "dah-dah-dada-dah-bam-bam" [humming the drum intro]. The simplest song of the record! The first take we did I thought was great, but they didn't like it. We played it, like, 50 times! [Duff protesting] It was like 8 times! [Interview with Steven and Duff, December 1988]

Talking about the time when he entered the band: Izzy and Axl already had some songs, and the other guys knew them: "Think About You," "Anything Goes," "Move To The City," "Shadow of Your Love," and "Don't Cry." And we did sped-up punk versions of the Stones' "Jumpin' Jack Flash" and Elvis Presley's "Heartbreak Hotel" [Duff's autobiography, "It's So Easy", 2011, p. 59]

Talking about the period after the 'Hell Tour' to Seattle: [Nicky Beat] had a rehearsal studio in his house in Silverlake where we'd go, set up our gear, and jam, and that is where the whole band really came together. Izzy had something called 'Think About You' that we liked, and we revisited 'Don't Cry,' which was the first song I'd ever worked on with Izzy [Bozza, Anthony, & Slash (2007). Slash. Harper Entertainment: New York]

Being asked what his least favourite song off Appetite is: I always had a hard time with 'Think About You.' It was one of the songs that Izzy wrote that was very indicative of the sort of Hanoi Rocks thing that was going on at the time. I never really got off on playing it all that much [20 Years of Appetite, Classic Rock Magazine, July 2007]

That's a song that Izzy had in its entirety when we first started. I was never a big fan of it because it was just too lightweight. But at the same time, it was one of those songs where Izzy had written the lyrics, so it was sort of like that Aerosmith song "Combination" [on Rocks], which Joe Perry wrote. It was Izzy's babbling "Combination" song. I enjoyed recording it, though, I managed to get some ideas down and could walk away feeling satisfied with the way the song sounded [Back to the Jungle, Guitar Edge Magazine, March 2007]

'Think About You' performed live at The Gibson Amphitheatre, USA,  December 20, 2006:

Think About You NeWborder_zpsk3uwcgt1
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