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1993.12.DD - MTV - Interview with Slash

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1993.12.DD - MTV - Interview with Slash Empty 1993.12.DD - MTV - Interview with Slash

Post by Soulmonster on Tue Jun 21, 2011 6:13 pm


Voice-over: Hot on the heels of a lengthy world tour, Guns N’ Roses are back with their epic new video, Estranged, which is supposed to complete the trilogy with November Rain and Don’t Cry. And they’ve just released the long-awaited album of cover tunes, mysteriously titled “The Spaghetti Incident?”

Slash: It’s an inside joke for the band, and I can’t wait for the rumors as to what the “spaghetti incident” is all about (laughs). But I’m not gonna divulge that information.

When we first got into this thing, when we first started recording it, it was more or less punk songs. Like with anything Guns N’ Roses does, it got a little bit more involved and we started coming up with other songs, songs that weren’t necessarily punk and so on. So after 13 songs were recorded, all of a sudden it wasn’t a punk record so much anymore. It was the Guns N’ Roses’ compilation of songs that we were into, and bands that we were into when we were coming up, and, you know, sort of younger and being influenced by all that stuff that was going on.

The album is pretty harsh. You know, it’s pretty explicit lyric-wise, and attitude-wise, and the subject matter of the whole thing.

I’m real proud of the Nazareth tune, Hair of the Dog, because it has a history. I mean, all the songs have a history to it, but since we used to play that a long time ago, I never would have thought that it would be on a record for Guns N’ Roses coming out years later.  

The fact that we got – you know, at least I got Buick Makane off my chest, a song that I used to listen over and over again.

Voice-over: Buick Makane was the first Guns N’ Roses song to feature Slash on lead vocals.

Slash: I hate hearing my own voice on the record. I can deal with the guitar aspect of it but – I mean, when we were recording it, I had the hardest time feeling comfortable in front of the microphone. Standing by yourself with no guitar, it’s not my forte. I don’t plan on doing it again though. There won’t be any Slash vocals other than backgrounds on the next Guns record. I promise you that. Famous last words or anything (laughs).

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