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2005.07.15 - Celebrity Justice - Rock Legend Battles over Money (Slash)

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2005.07.15 - Celebrity Justice - Rock Legend Battles over Money (Slash) Empty 2005.07.15 - Celebrity Justice - Rock Legend Battles over Money (Slash)

Post by Blackstar on Tue Jan 12, 2021 4:51 am

Rock Legend Battles over Money

He's one of those rare stars known by just one name: Slash. But now the former Guns & Roses guitarist is about to be known by another name: defendant.

Only "Celebrity Justice" has obtained a lawsuit filed by Slash's former publicist, Arlett Vereecke. In it, she claims that Slash stiffed her out of tens of thousands of dollars, and now she wants to get paid.

Vereecke told "CJ" by phone that Slash got lots of jobs while she worked with him. He co-hosted the "Jimmy Kimmel" show for a week and had a part in the cartoon "Kid Notorious."

So what went wrong? Vereecke said that Slash's wife, Perla Hudson, came between them, saying, "She's on a power trip. It's all about her. She doesn't want Slash to be involved with anyone but her."

Slash found a way to slither into the mega-successful band Velvet Revolver, and Vereecke used to rep the band. But "CJ" has learned that she got fired from that gig after a run in with the lead singer, Scott Weiland.

After that, Vereecke began to rep Slash exclusively. And although she claims Slash stiffed her, she still speaks highly of the rock legend, blaming his wife for tossing her aside like a "third wheel."

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