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2020.11.18 - Music is Win-Guitar Villains - Interview with Bumblefoot

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2020.11.18 - Music is Win-Guitar Villains - Interview with Bumblefoot Empty 2020.11.18 - Music is Win-Guitar Villains - Interview with Bumblefoot

Post by Blackstar on Wed 25 Nov 2020 - 6:51

Excerpt transcribed by Blabbemouth:

Former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal says that the band's much-maligned 2008 album "Chinese Democracy" is a "one-of-a-kind" record that will be looked upon more favorably by fans as time goes on.

Thal discussed his views on "Chinese Democracy" during an appearance on Music Is Win's "Guitar Villains" podcast. He said: "At the time, people were still just going on about how it took this long to make, and it took this much money, and all that nonsense. And I always said, wait 20 years. People are gonna forget about all of this stuff, all of this baggage that they're trying to attach to this record. And they're just gonna listen to it for what it is and just listen to it as music, and they're gonna hear so many layers of things and such an interesting combination of parts and people and changes in even style and technology that was happening over the course of many years — let's say 10-ish years, [from] when they started writing to [when] it actually was on the shelves in stores. And I don't think any other album in the history of rock went through those kind of changes. So it's a very special album with a lot of history just within each song that has layers to it. And I'm grateful that they had me on it."

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