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2002.12.11 - Chicago Sun-Times - Wheels Fall Off Axl Rose's Tour

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2002.12.11 - Chicago Sun-Times - Wheels Fall Off Axl Rose's Tour Empty 2002.12.11 - Chicago Sun-Times - Wheels Fall Off Axl Rose's Tour

Post by Blackstar on Fri May 22, 2020 11:04 pm

Wheels fall off Axl Rose's tour

By Bill Zwecker

The apparent cancelation of the first Guns 'N Roses tour in nearly a decade is directly due to lead singer Axl Rose's increasingly bizarre behavior. Always an eccentric in the admittedly wild world of rock music, Rose has close friends and associates extremely concerned over his mental state during the last couple of months. The singer himself has openly admitted he's battling inner demons. "I managed to get enough of myself together to do this," the New York Post quotes Rose as telling a Madison Square Garden concert crowd last week.

Sources say Rose is very close to checking himself into a psychiatric clinic to deal with "exhaustion" and a number of other emotional problems. Famous for his outrageousness, the aging rocker lately "has been even more whacked than usual," a longtime pal tells this column.

For this tour, Rose even traveled with his own psychiatrist, whose major responsibility apparently was convincing him it was important for his mental health to get onstage nightly and perform.

Obviously that didn't work Friday, when Rose refused to appear for a Philadelphia gig--effectively ending the tour.

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