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2002.12.06 - The Province - Vancouver Ruled Out

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2002.12.06 - The Province - Vancouver Ruled Out Empty 2002.12.06 - The Province - Vancouver Ruled Out

Post by Blackstar on Thu May 21, 2020 4:42 pm

2002.12.06 - The Province - Vancouver Ruled Out 2002_176


Sorelle Saidman's
All-Star Bulletin

Vancouver ruled out

Axl Rose won’t talk about Vancouver or at least his handlers have put any questions about our fair city and the Guns N’ Roses riot on a “restricted” list.

The tightly wound rock star is doing a very (very) limited number of radio interviews and his handlers have circulated a rules list in advance to the hosts.

The interviews must be taped in advance (presumably to request edits if necessary) and can’t contain questions about the following:

■ Slash or other former band members

■ Other bands or music in general

■ Vancouver

■ Timeliness

The note tells the interviewers to ask about the current tour (except Vancouver); his new music (which nobody’s heard); the new record (which is supposed to be out “next year," just like the last seven next years’); and what it was like spending time and writing in China.

We’re not sure that it’s at the behest of control-freak Rose or if it’s his record company trying to circumnavigate Rose’s habit of ranting.

Meanwhile tour-wise, Guns N’ Roses are at least showing up but they’re not hitting the stage on time. The show the other night in London, Ont., started late at around 11 p.m. and went until 1 a.m.

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