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2002.06.24 - NME - Welcome To The Urban Jungle!

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2002.06.24 - NME - Welcome To The Urban Jungle! Empty 2002.06.24 - NME - Welcome To The Urban Jungle!

Post by Blackstar on Thu May 07, 2020 2:53 am

The comeback rockers tipped to play two nights in the capital when they're over for the Leeds leg of the Carling Weekend...

Guns N’ Roses look set to add to their at risk show at the CARLING WEEKEND in LEEDS at the end of August with two rare LONDON shows.

The band, who have not played in London in almost a decade, are provisionally down to play the 11,000 capacity Docklands Arena on August 26 and 27.

The rumour that they would play in London has been circulating since it was announced they would headline the Leeds leg of the Reading/Leeds Carling Weekender on August 23. A spokesperson for the Docklands venue would not confirm nor deny the shows would go ahead, saying simply nothing was confirmed.

The band had been due to play Docklands Arena last December, but scrapped the two shows, blaming a problem with guitarist Buckethead and also because Axl Rose was said to be finishing up long-mooted new album ‘Chinese Democracy’.

Despite postponments and the fact that Guns N’ Roses have not released any new, original material since 1991, ‘Chinese Democracy’ is finally to get a release in September. Australian music site claims it will appear three years after its due date on September 2. A spokesperson for the band was unavailable for comment at press time.

A decision on whether to grant Leeds organisers a licence, or to allow the festival take place on another, nearby site, is expected this week.

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