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2001.07.01 - O Estado de S. Paulo - Interview with Beta Lebeis

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2001.07.01 - O Estado de S. Paulo - Interview with Beta Lebeis Empty 2001.07.01 - O Estado de S. Paulo - Interview with Beta Lebeis

Post by Blackstar on Mon Apr 13, 2020 5:20 pm

Original article in Portuguese:

Google translation with corrections:

Beth, Axl Rose's Brazilian tattooed "mama"

She became famous after being honored by the singer at Rock in Rio 3. Now she's on vacation in Santos, but the Guns leader calls all the time, even to ask for braised green beans recipes

By Ivani Cardoso
In the middle of a dinner with friends at a Santos restaurant, Beth Lebeis picks up her persistently ringing cell phone. On the other end of the line is Axl Rose - himself - asking her to teach him the recipe for the braised green beans he likes so much. Situations like this are common for Beta, who has come to Santos on vacation after eight years, to see her parents, siblings and friends.
Working in the U.S. as the charismatic Guns N’ Roses leader’s personal assistant, she’s the person he trusts the most.
For him and for the fans, she is Beta, who became famous after he paid homage to her on stage at Rock in Rio in January. Of course, the short vacation hasn't been at all smooth and the phone rings all the time. Like on Thursday morning, when Axl called at 8:30 am to tell her details about the newborn cubs by the pair of wolves he keeps in his house in Malibu, along with twelve snakes (two boa constrictors), a tarantula and parrots. "He said it’s two, but I think more were born and he's hiding it, because he’s afraid that won’t want to have them at the house."
Axl calls to ask for advice, to talk about the recording of the new album that should be finished before Christmas, to discuss accounting issues and, above all, to make sure that she will be back even this Monday. After that, Beth won’t be able to return to Brazil again until February or March next year, when he intends to start the new tour in South America.
Beth smiles considerately, even when he interrupts meals, walks or those brief moments with her parents, siblings or the few friends she still has in Santos. When she talks about Axl, her descriptions sound a long way from the famous image of the tough and temperamental bad boy. "He’s very shy, he’s a very decent person, he’s honest, he says exactly what he thinks, he’s very ethical."
Print on blouse
Her affection is reminiscent of that of many mothers, a role she took on in the singer’s life almost without realizing it. And affection, for all that is known about his life (the constant abuse by his father and stepfather and his mother's inaction were his common experience during his difficult childhood), was what Axl needed the most. Like any proper Brazilian, she loves big hugs and kisses. She says that he found these displays of affection a little strange at first. Then got used to them, especially when he saw Beth's relationship with her three children (Fernando, Vanessa and Alexandre, 22, 23 and 24 years old respectively), who also live in the United States. She recalls that, one day, Axl said that he would very much like to have had a mother like that and that her children were very happy.
Beth also has a great connection with him. She called him from a Santos mall, saying that she had a branded silk blouse in her hands with the artist’s image printed on it. He was surprised and just said, "Really?"
Being worried about Axl, Beth left her daughter, Vanessa, in her place and she also wants to know all the details of what’s happening there. "I'm the one who cooks at the house, but it's easy. He really likes grilled meat and fish, he has a very healthy diet and drinks a lot of water".
To keep in shape, he has a home gym and works out for three to four hours a day. The two of them go to the cinema a lot, preferably for police films or dramas.
In the early 80's, after a long suffering separation, Beth decided to leave Santos, first for Itajaí and then for the United States, where she worked in a restaurant owned by friends in Philadelphia. The next step was to work as a nanny to the son of model Stephanie Seymour in 1990, who was the singer's girlfriend at the time. The romantic affair didn't work out, but Axl became so attached and identified himself with Beth that he decided to take her to work with him. "I accepted right away. Our relationship was always good, it seemed that we had known each other for a long time. At first my children were jealous and thought that I was dedicated to him a lot, but they understood with time, and now they’re there all the time. Fernando and my brother also work for him. "
Taking care of the rockstar and the house is not a simple task. She sometimes spends the night watching rehearsals and recordings, and the next day, while he sleeps, she still has to organize the boss's house and schedule. She drives the car, helps him choose clothes and even gives her opinion on the selection of songs.
In regards to the new album, she reveals that the songs are amazing. "There will be 12 or 18 songs, they’re still sorting it out. He writes, most of the time by himself and sometimes with the other members of the band".
Cake and candles
Six years ago, Beth made a quick trip, and when she returned there was a car in the parking lot of the house, all wrapped up as a present, with balloons and ribbons. "I was moved. He could have just given me the car and that's it." The connection between them is so strong, that she confesses that she doesn’t even think of returning to Brazil and that she can’t imagine her life without being by his side. "Sometimes I feel very lonely, I think it would be nice to have a boyfriend, but I don't have time for anything and it will be difficult to find someone who understands this crazy lifestyle." What she misses from Brazil is her family and friends. "They’re all very cold there, there is no such thing as a neighbor ringing the bell to ask for sugar, friends calling all the time to invite you for a beer. I miss this human warmth very much.”
One of Axl's biggest desires is to be a father and Beth is very hopeful (with a tip of jealousy, typical of mothers) that he’ll find a wonderful woman who will understand him. "I'm sure that, for everything he suffered, he will make a great father. He jokes about it, saying that when his child is born I’ll cry big-time. I think it's funny that many fans want to see him angry, because it’s not his normal character. He’s unable to start a fight, he only reacts when he’s provoked.”
On his first birthday after she started working for Axl, Beth prepared a surprise party for him, with cake, candles and happy birthday wishes. "He didn't know what to do when he got home, he was very moved. I guess that's why he never forgets my birthday, either."
At 46 years old, Beth is a person in great spirits and with a lot of faith.
She prays every day for her children, job, family and for Axl’s happiness. "I think he ended up becoming another child for me." And now that she’s in Brazil, she got an amulet from São Bento for the singer, to keep him safe from harm.

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