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2000.09.DD - Kerrang! - The Vandals Talk About Guns N' Roses

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2000.09.DD - Kerrang! - The Vandals Talk About Guns N' Roses Empty 2000.09.DD - Kerrang! - The Vandals Talk About Guns N' Roses

Post by Blackstar on Sat Mar 28, 2020 6:32 pm

The Vandals Talk About Guns N' Roses

With regular drummer Josh Freese currently on tour with A Perfect Circle, The Vandals are more than happy to discuss their colourful drummer's issue with GN'R.

"Josh can only talk to Axl through his layers now," laughs Joe [Escalante]. "He e-mailed his resignation because he didn't want to sit around waiting another year, so he joined A Perfect Circle with a couple of his bald friends. That guy has to rock. He's a road dog."

But surely Guns N' Roses are the very antithesis of a band like The Vandals?

"That's why it was so great!" grins Dave [Quackenbush]. "Beside, I got to go to Axl's house, where I was made to sign a contract of confidentiality. So now I can't talk about the fact that I saw Axl in a dinosaur suit on Halloween or that I saw him push his piano into his swimming pool"

"All the things that we would ever want to do, Axl does," sighs Warren [Fitzgerald] enviously. "Cool things, like getting arrested in airports and stuff. It's exciting to us."


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