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2000.06.07 - The Howard Stern Show - Interview with Slash

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2000.06.07 - The Howard Stern Show - Interview with Slash Empty 2000.06.07 - The Howard Stern Show - Interview with Slash

Post by Blackstar Wed Mar 25, 2020 9:56 pm


Stern: And now another guy, who is very well known and we haven’t heard from in a while. He’s the great rock guitarist Slash, who is with Guns N’ Roses.
Quivers: What happened to that group?
Stern: What I wanna ask is, how is it that there is a Guns N’ Roses album coming out and Slash has never heard of it?
Quivers: Well, you know, everybody talks about how difficult it is to make it as a rock ‘n’ roll group.  And some of these groups self-destruct as soon as they get popular.
Stern: Slash, what did it, alcohol?
Slash: Oh... just... Are we happening now?
Stern: We’re happening, baby.
Slash: Howard! Okay. Was it because of alcohol?
Stern: Yes.
Slash: (Laughs) No, it wasn’t even the self-destruction thing, Howard. You know that. If anything, we were self-destructing when we started.
Stern: Well, are you angry? I mean, what do you do? You were in the Guns N’ Roses that it’s Guns N’ Roses to me, you know. And I’m not saying this because you’re on the phone. It’s one of the best bands I’ve ever heard. The collaboration between - primarily, between you and Axl Rose was fantastic.
Slash: Alright.
Stern: It’s got to burn your ass every single day that this guy walked away from the band.
Quivers: With everything!
Stern: With everything. With the name of the band...
Slash: No –
Stern: It’s just as much your band as it is his.
Slash: No, it didn’t happen like that. It really, this is like... This is one of those stories that’s, like - do we have enough time? (laughs)
Stern: But when – you’re losing momentum, though. I mean, Guns N’ Roses will soon be, you know –
Quivers: It’ll be like a revival. It’ll be like the Who (?)
Stern: But you know that when you’re young –
Slash: Oh no, that’s... Robin, that’s... no. Don’t go there (laughs).
Stern: Slash, you know than when you’re young is the time to make music, that when you’re in touch with the street there’s something about that. As you get older it’s – look at Paul McCartney, one of the greatest songwriters ever. I doubt he can write a song now that I wanna hear. So now is the time for you and Axl to put away the axe, if you will, and get back in the studio and work together.
Slash: Yeah, but there’s no axe. There’s no axe. I split when, like - you know, Guns is an accomplishment, because...
Stern: Of course.
Slash: ...When it gets down to it, probably the most notorious five guys, at least in Los Angeles, put a band together.    
Stern: Yes. But you know who the problem is.
Slash: It gets to where we got.
Stern: Yes you were wild, yes you were crazy, yes you were all of those things, but Axl has a disorder of some kind, doesn’t he?
Slash: No - well, Axl is Axl. You gotta talk to him about him, alright?
Quivers: No, but –
Slash: There was a point –
Stern: I can’t get to him.
Slash: Yeah, well, you know... (laughs)
Stern: Join the club.
Slash: I haven’t talked to him in five years.
Stern: Really?
Slash: That’s that. You know, I left when –
Stern: Are you bitter?
Slash: Am I bitter?
Stern: Yes.
Slash: No, I’m not bitter.
Stern: I bet you’re bitter.
Slash: I can’t – Huh?
Stern: Yeah, of course you’ve got to be bitter!
Slash: Remember the last time I saw you?
Stern: Yes I do.
Slash: I wasn’t bitter then.
Stern: Yeah, but I don’t know if you were conscious.
Slash: No, no, I was very cool the last time I saw you.
Stern: Right. No, I know that, and I admire you and I love the way you play guitar, but I know you’ve got to miss the arenas, you’ve got to miss the excitement of Guns N’ Roses recording, even the fighting and all the hoopla that goes along.
Slash: Hang on, I’m on my arm right now (laughs). Okay. No...
Stern: Have we been drinking?
Slash: No, no, no.
Stern: Really? Okay, alright.
Slash: It’s 5:30 in Los... 6:30 in the morning.
Stern: Are you still with that piece of ass girlfriend I saw you with?
Slash: What?
Stern: Are you still with that piece of ass girlfriend you used to have?
Slash: My piece of ass girlfriend? Okay, this is where we’re getting to a hard point. Okay... (chuckles). I’ve been with Perla for the last four years now.
Stern: Oh really? So you’re still with her?
Slash: Yeah, I’m still with her.
Stern: You don’t have sex with any other women?
Slash: You know what? It’s the only time I’ve ever been completely, um...
Stern: Monogamous.
Slash: You know? It’s weird, too. It’s not really weird, cuz, you know, all things considered, I love her to death. But before that, you know, I wasn’t necessarily the trophy guy when it came to being a good husband or something.
Stern: Right. So you’re now faithful, you’ve become something of a homebody.
Quivers: Yeah, but also, you know, he doesn’t have the touring (?)
Stern: Yeah, if you had the touring, you’d probably be getting laid more. Thanks to Axl, again.
Quivers: (Laughs)
Slash: No. Wait, wait, wait.
Stern: Now, what are you doing now? Tell me.
Slash: No. You’re over- you’re over- over- what’s... overstepping your bounds here.
Stern: Thank you.
Slash: Because, um... actually the girl that I’m going with I met when I was on the road.
Stern: I know, she’s a beautiful girl.
Slash: Yeah.
Stern: But I’m saying you’ve got more temptation if you’re out on the road.
Slash: So if I –
Stern: So what is your future? Tell me your future.
Slash: This is what I’m doing.
Stern: Alright. (?)
Slash: I gotta talk really fast.
Stern: Talk fast.
Quivers: (Laughs)
Slash: Okay. Alright, I’ve been working – When I left Guns it was because I had to leave Guns. It was like...
Stern: No, you didn’t.
Slash: I didn’t want to go down with the ship, so to speak. Alright? So I left when it was still just, like, cool. It was, like (?)
Stern: You left before things get real bad.
Slash: It was controversial, because it was, like... Okay, no longer there – there were still notorious or whatever bands but not on top of that.
Stern: You left while you were at your peak.
Slash: Yeah.
Stern: Did you make that much money that it doesn’t matter?
Slash: It wasn’t that either. Okay -
Quivers: We just wanna know you’re alright.
Slash: (?)
Stern: Are you alright financially?
Slash: Um, I don’t know what “alright financially” –
Stern: Do you have enough money to live the rest of your life?
Slash: I’ve got plenty – like I have money to get to the airport.
Stern: Do you have 5 million dollars in assets?
Slash: No, I can’t tell you anything.
Stern: You have to! It’s an interview! You have to!
Slash: “It’s an interview!”...
Stern: You have to because it’s an interview!
Slash: Let me get back -
Stern: It’s an interview! There are rules that have to be obeyed!
Slash: Okay. Let me get back –
Stern: Is it true you are worth over –
Slash: Let me get back to the original question. Let me get back to the original question.
Stern: No. No, no.
Slash: Yes, yes, yes!
Stern: No, no. 5 million dollars: are you worth more or less?
Slash: I don’t know!
Stern: Come on, be honest!
Slash: I don’t look it up.
Stern: Alright. See, you’re worth it.
Slash: I know how much money I have invested, I don’t have to tell you.
Stern: Alright. How many houses do you have?
Slash: Um, well, I’m selling one.
Stern: So you have two.
Slash: I have two (laughs). You know what, I could have said, “No I have three.”
Stern: So you have two homes.
Slash: Right.
Stern: Are you selling one because you need the money?
Slash: No, I’m selling one because I’ve just finished the record and I’m about to go on the road, and –
Stern: You have to answer that to Howard.
Slash: Howard, Howard, let me speak. Let me just finish one –
Stern: Put your accountant on the phone.
Slash: Let me just (?)
Stern: By the power of Les Moonves, I order you to answer the following: are you set for life?
Slash: Am I set for life? I always – I’ve been set for life ever since I started.
Stern: Really?
Slash: I’m ambitious that way.
Stern: Alright.
Slash: (?)  you know, dropping off all of a sudden is nil.
Stern: Alright, so what is the plan? What are you doing today? Literally, what you’re going to do today after you get off the phone with me.
Slash: I’m gonna go back to – well, you know, all things considered, I’ll go back to work. But I guess this is work, too.
Stern: What work are you going back to?
Slash: I’ve got a band. I’ve got a record about to come out, so I gotta do promotion for it –
Stern: Okay. So what is the name of the record? Let’s get to that.
Slash: It’s called “Ain’t Life Grand.” And the band –
Stern: Who is the band?
Slash: It’s called Snakepit.
Quivers: Yeah, Snakepit!
Stern: So you’re still with Snakepit.
Slash: Yeah, the last time I saw you, okay? It was during the movie, when you –
Stern: Yes, you were very gracious, you appeared in my movie.
Slash: That was when I was still married. That was, like, four years ago.
Stern: Oh, you’re not married to that girl anymore?
Slash: No.
Stern: Oh, you’ve got a new girl.
Quivers: He’s got a new girl!
Slash: Right? See, now you have to always ask.
Stern: You had some hot wife, but I didn’t know you were done with her.
Quivers: He’s got a new girl.
Stern: Did she take half of your money?
Slash: Oh no, no. I had a prenup.
Stern: Good for you!
Slash: But half of my sanity, yeah.
Stern: So you’re a smart guy. I mean, you know, despite the rock ‘n’ roll image, you knew enough to go to a lawyer and get a prenup.
Slash: Anyway, it was easy to know that much (?). I’m not the marrying type, you know?
Stern: Yeah, but you got married anyway.
Slash: Well, yeah... ha! One of my few regrets of my entire existence.
Stern: What, did you knock her up?
Slash: No...
Stern: No.
Slash: No, I don’t have any kids. I really, all things considered – I’m basically just a guitar player that’s done pretty well. But, you know, the best part about it is, like, we did the Guns –
Stern: Did you hear Axl Rose’s – did you hear his new music?
Slash: Yeah, I heard –
Stern: It was horrible, right? Tell the truth.
Slash: No –
Stern: Aargh!
Slash: No, no. I’m not gonna pass judgement.
Stern: Oh, but you have to pass judgement!
(Slash and Stern are talking simultaneously – inaudible)
Slash: Listen, listen. If that’s what he wanted to do and that’s why – the development of that is what made me quit.
Stern: Right. It’s horrible.
Slash: Whatever it is, it’s not what I was –
Stern: It’s not your thing.
Slash: Not what I was thinking (laughs).
Stern: Right. Let me take a couple of calls here. What is it Jim? Go ahead.
Jim: Hey, man, Slash, you’re a genius. Howard, so are you.
Stern: Thank you.
Jim: Listen, Slash is the brains behind that band, man. I don’t know why everyone gives Axl credit.
Stern: I mean, I just think the combination of the two was very good.
Jim: I know.
Quivers: They made incredible music.
Jim: Hey, Slash...
Slash: Yeah.
Jim: Is the guy from Snakepit – did he used to be in Jellyfish?
Slash: The guy that was in Snakepit when I first started it, yeah, he was in Jellyfish.
Stern: It’s no difference what he was in then. Now the band is together –
Jim: Oh, I know. Slash, you’re a genius, man. I hope you bury Axl, man. No one likes him, you’re the man.
Slash: Okay... I appreciate the sentiment (chuckles).
Jim: Take it.
Slash: I’m not...
Quivers: You’re not at war (laughs).
Stern: You’re not at war where you shouldn’t be.
Slash: Yeah, it’s -
Stern: There will be a reunion, I know that. There’ll be a Guns N’ Roses reunion.
Slash: You know what? Alright, okay, okay, okay. We’re not at war. It’s not like – I’m not, you know –
Stern: (?)
Slash: I’m the hugest Axl fan in the world, because the guy’s great.
Stern: Alright, I hear you. I hear you.
Slash: We don’t see eye-to-eye on stuff, but –
Stern: Well, he’s so great that you haven’t seen him in five years.
Quivers: (Laughs) He can’t talk to him.
Stern: Right.
Slash: No, he is great.
Stern: Alright, whatever.
Slash: He can sing and he’s a great performer.
Stern: He ruined the band.
Slash: You know what, the whole Guns N’ Roses thing is that it was a whole band.
Stern: That was a whole lifetime ago.
Slash: No, it wasn’t even a lifetime ago. That was, like, four or five years ago. But –
Stern: It’s a whole five years ago.
Quivers: It seems like long.
Slash: But systematically everybody sort of individually dropped off, and –
Stern: Alright. Listen, Slash. Let me tell you something. I don’t care about those guys. You’ve got the new album coming out, I’m supporting you –
Slash: Yeah –
Stern: I hope the album does well. And I guess -
Slash: You’re gonna love it.
Quivers: When will we hear this music?
Stern: When will I hear it?
Slash: You’ll probably hear it in September.
Stern: Alright. So let me hear this thing in September. Now we know what you’re up to, that’s all.
Slash: Exactly.
Stern: Alright.
Slash: I just wanted to see how you were doing.
Stern: I’m doing fine. I’ve got no problems.
Slash: See? I have named the record after you then.
Stern: Well, thank you. What is the name of the record?
Slash: No, “Ain’t Life Grand.”
Stern: Right. Got it, Slash. Come in and see us in September.
Slash: Alright, talk to you in a bit.
Stern: Later, bro.
Quivers: Alright.
Stern: That’s Slash.
Quivers: Funny guy.
Stern: Well, I’m a funny guy!
Quivers: (Laughs) I love rock ‘n’ rollers. They can’t ever keep it together.
Stern: No. Can’t stay together.

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