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2000.03.14 - Allstarmag - Josh Freese Leaves Guns N' Roses

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2000.03.14 - Allstarmag - Josh Freese Leaves Guns N' Roses Empty 2000.03.14 - Allstarmag - Josh Freese Leaves Guns N' Roses

Post by Blackstar on Mon Mar 16, 2020 5:51 pm

Josh Freese Leaves Guns N' Roses

The revolving door of Guns N' Roses is circling again. Drummer Josh Freese has left the band after nearly two years, according to a source. Freese, who appears on the debut album from Perfect Circle (the side-project of Tool lead singer Maynard James Keenan and former Guns N' Roses guitar tech Billy Howerdel) will now tour with the band as well.

It's not certain if this latest setback in the Guns N' Roses saga will postpone the release of their new album, Chinese Democracy, or affect any tour plans, which have yet to be announced. Perfect Circle's album, Mer de Noms, has been slated for a May 23 release on Virgin Records.

Freese marks the second Guns N' Roses member in the past seven months to leave -- guitarist Robin Finck left to return to Nine Inch Nails in August 1999. Now, Finck and Freese will be touring mates when Perfect Circle opens for Nine Inch Nails on their U.S. tour, kicking off April 12 in Cleveland.

Representatives for Guns N' Roses at Big F.D. Entertainment couldn't be reached at press time.

-- Kevin Raub


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