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1999.10.14 - Rolling Stone - The Fragile World of Trent Reznor (Robin)

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1999.10.14 - Rolling Stone - The Fragile World of Trent Reznor (Robin) Empty 1999.10.14 - Rolling Stone - The Fragile World of Trent Reznor (Robin)

Post by Blackstar on Tue Mar 10, 2020 6:10 pm

The Fragile World of Trent Reznor

Holed up in an old funeral home, the man behind Nine Inch Nails has spent the last four years coping with loss and constructing a delicate and brutal masterpiece



They aren’t the same crazed crypt keepers who left a trail of smashed keyboards across the country four years ago. They will be quick to tell you they’ve changed – and that they needed to. It wasn’t just Reznor who tried to live up to the tour’s name: The Self-Destruct Tour. Finck also had to find his way back to earth. After spending a lost year in New Orleans, he joined Cirque de Soleil for a year as its guitarist. “It was exactly what I needed – a 180-degree, polar-opposite change,” he says. Finck then spent time working with Guns n’ Roses, a project he may return to after the upcoming Nine Inch Nails tour. “I was with Axl for a little over two years,” he says, “and we recorded dozens of songs together. I’m really proud of what we did as a band. I’m anxious to see how it’s completed.” Well, will it be? “Oh, yes,” Finck says, grinning. “You may depend on it.”


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