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1998.03.07 - The New York Post - Axl's First Video Could Cost Him

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1998.03.07 - The New York Post - Axl's First Video Could Cost Him Empty 1998.03.07 - The New York Post - Axl's First Video Could Cost Him

Post by Blackstar on Wed Mar 04, 2020 5:16 pm

Axl's first video could cost him

JUDGE Kimba Wood has presided over some pretty sensational cases in her time and she's made headlines of her own. But they will be nothing compared to the suit currently on her docket pitting a former Guns N' Roses songwriter against rock bad boy Axl Rose.

The case, when it eventually comes to trial, should see Manhattan federal court packed with rabid Guns N' Roses fans. They'll swoon when they view a rare video of Rose when he was 20, went by his real name of Bill Bailey and didn't have a single tattoo on his body.

The video will be introduced in evidence by partners Gregory Ehrlich and Chris Weber to bolster their claim that Rose, his manager, Doug Goldstein, and Geffen Records owe Weber millions of dollars in royalties.

The video shows Weber, then 16, working on songs with Rose. It was taken at the Los Angeles home of Weber's parents, where the Rose-to-be was staying until he found his feet in the music business.

Weber is seeking his share of royalties from the sale of 16 million copies of the group's first hit, "Use Your Illusion," and from the "Live From the Jungle" EP.

Weber and Ehrlich seem to have won the first round in the legal skirmishing. The other day, Wood ruled that the defendants must produce the disputed royalty statements before the trial proceeds.

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