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1998.12.02 - MTV News - Slash Sneaks A Gig, Readies For Recording

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1998.12.02 - MTV News - Slash Sneaks A Gig, Readies For Recording Empty 1998.12.02 - MTV News - Slash Sneaks A Gig, Readies For Recording

Post by Blackstar on Tue Feb 25, 2020 8:29 pm



It was a typical Wednesday jam at Barfly in Los Angeles last week, at least it was until Slash showed up, according to club manager Marc Benecke. The former Guns n' Roses guitarist debuted his new band to a full house, much to the delight of the unsuspecting crowd.

The all-new group, which may or may not still go under the moniker "Slash's Snakepit," ripped through -- or at least attempted to rip through, between the power outages -- a half dozen songs, mostly showcasing new material Slash intends to record in the new year.

On board was new singer Rod Jackson, a newcomer to the scene who came to Slash via a recommendation by a friend. The line-up also included guitarist Ryan Roxie (Dad's Porno Mag, Alice Cooper), bassist Johnny Griparik and drummer Matt Laug.

Slash's manager Tom Maher confirmed his client's recording plans, and said we can expect more unannounced appearances as they 'road test' the new songs. A short club tour is also probable for the new year. The album, Slash's second solo effort, is expected out next summer on Geffen. His first was 1995's, "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" recorded while the guitarist was still a member of G n'R. (That record featured vocalist Eric Dover, who went on to record with Imperial Drag).

Geffen has several Guns-related projects in the works, including the aforementioned Slash album, a new record due in January from former bassist Duff McKagan, and the new Guns album that's supposedly been in the writing phase for the past four years. Axl Rose apparently continues to work in the studio with Marilyn Manson producer Sean Beavan, along with guitarist Robin Finck, bassist Tommy Stinson, drummer Josh Freese, keyboardist Dizzy Reed, and Rose's old friend Paul Huge.

Geffen officially denies that a live album is in the works, but sources say that Geffen might choose to release a live album if no new G n' R material is available to release in 1999.

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