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1998.07.10 - - New GNR Drummer Puts Old Band In Deep Freese

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1998.07.10 - - New GNR Drummer Puts Old Band In Deep Freese Empty 1998.07.10 - - New GNR Drummer Puts Old Band In Deep Freese

Post by Blackstar on Tue 25 Feb 2020 - 20:49

New GNR Drummer Puts Old Band In Deep Freese

Axl Rose has finally scheduled studio time in early August to begin recording with the revamped version of Guns 'N' Roses. After Slash departed over two years ago, Rose recruited former Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck, former Replacement bassist Tommy Stinson, and current Vandals drummer Josh Freese, who also drums for Devo and Paul Westerberg, just to name a few.

When spoke to the sought-after drummer, he told us that he's excited about the pending studio project. He also told us, however, the news was rather bittersweet when he realized he'd have to forego a previously scheduled Vandals U.K. tour in support of the just-released punk gem Hitler Bad, Vandals Good.

"As soon as I discovered the studio time would conflict with the Vandals tour," he said, "I told the other band members they should find a replacement. It was a hard decision, but I figured it would be better than canceling the tour altogether." So who was chosen as fill-in for Freese? Why, none other than No Doubt drummer Adrian Young, of course. According to Freese, Young -- who is on hiatus while his bandmates write new material -- will pick up the sticks for the Vandals on the tour that begins August 4 in Sheffield, England. The fellow Orange County native is a perfect choice for the band -- aside from being a longtime fan, he knows what to expect on a Vandals tour, after No Doubt hired them as their opening act for the '97 "Tragic Kingdom" U.S. slog. Anyone else who has witnessed the Vandals live know Young is in for an insanely wild and outrageous two-week trek.

Freese shouldn't despair too much, though. There is a chance that he may get to meet up with his band after all. "Adrian and I both have valid British working permits, so if Axl pushes back the studio time, then we can both play drums. Not at the same time of course," he added. "We'll decide before each show which one of us will play -- depending on who is drunker." The most inebriated, of course, will man the skins.

-Jennifer Schwartz



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