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1998.04.21 - MTV News - Axl Rose Finds A Producer... Yet Again

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1998.04.21 - MTV News - Axl Rose Finds A Producer... Yet Again Empty 1998.04.21 - MTV News - Axl Rose Finds A Producer... Yet Again

Post by Blackstar on Tue Feb 25, 2020 3:03 pm



If all goes according to the current plan -- which is not a sure bet in the world of Guns n' Roses -- Axl Rose will be going into the studio with Killing Joke bassist Youth, the co-producer of The Verve's "Urban Hymns."

A spokesperson for Geffen would neither confirm nor deny the story, but insiders say that Youth is the flavor of the month and is expected to record the band this summer. Previous negotiations have taken place with Moby and Mike Clink.

Guns n' Roses these days (probably) are Axl Rose, lead guitarist Robin Finck (Nine Inch Nails), Axl buddy guitarist Paul Huge, off-and-on former Gn'R keyboardist Dizzy Reed, and most likely drummer Josh Freese. There may even be a chance that Tommy Stinson will lay down some bass tracks. Stinson, formerly of the Replacements, has adamantly denied to press sources his ongoing involvement in the project but insiders confirm he's been hanging out in the studio.

Youth and the band are still months away from recording, however. Rose and cohorts are reportedly still in writing mode with no completed songs at this time.

Killing Joke reformed as a trio in 1994 after a long hiatus and have released new two records, "Pandemonium" and "Democracy." But while the band is primarily known as an industrial, goth-oriented quasi-metal band, Youth (born Martin Glover Youth) has a more diverse background. He's worked on projects with Fine Young Cannibals, James, Bananarama, Crowded House, The Orb, Polly Jean Harvey, Nick Cave and U2.

The Geffen spokesperson says while it's possible a new Guns n' Roses album will be released this year, it's highly unlikely.

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