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1993.08.19 - E! Cable TV News Report on Steven's lawsuit (Steven's and Slash's testimonies)

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1993.08.19 - E! Cable TV News Report on Steven's lawsuit (Steven's and Slash's testimonies) Empty 1993.08.19 - E! Cable TV News Report on Steven's lawsuit (Steven's and Slash's testimonies)

Post by Blackstar on Sun Dec 01, 2019 10:00 pm

Thanks to @misfit79 for the video!


Voice-over: ... wants one fifth of the millions of dollars they have made from touring and record sales. The 28-year-old, who admits to still taking heroin, was kicked out of the group after signing a document that gave him 30 days to clean up his act.

[Cut to excerpt from Steven’s testimony in court]

Attorney: ... that you had two alternatives: you could either be kicked out of the band and hand it there or you could sign the document and agree to go on probation. Correct?

Steven: Yes.

[Cut to interview with Morton Rosen, Guns N’ Roses attorney]

Rosen: The band had the absolute right to withdraw from a partnership relationship with Steven Adler, and they simply exercised that right. There was nothing illegal about it.

Voice-over: Although Adler, supported in court by his parents, claims he was so drugged out on heroin that he didn’t know what he was signing, Slash says the other four members of Guns N’ Roses communicated the best they could.

[Cut to excerpt from Slash’s testimony in court]

Slash: You can only speak English, so you can only communicate to, you know, the limits of the language that we speak (chuckles). So we told him exactly what it was about, but Steven’s never really known exactly what he was doing, apparently.

[Cut to interview with David Chodos, Steven’s attorney]

Chodos: Steve has never been able to comprehend an agreement like that. He was totally dependent upon the people who were advising him, and those people were working at the same time for the band.

Reporter: Adler estimates his share of the group’s assets and goodwill is worth between four and ten million dollars. Other members of Guns N’ Roses are scheduled to testify Friday. From Los Angeles, I’m Greg Agnew for E! News Daily.

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