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1993.10.21 - The Kokomo Tribune - GN'R faces future after ex-pal's lawsuit

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1993.10.21 - The Kokomo Tribune - GN'R faces future after ex-pal's lawsuit Empty 1993.10.21 - The Kokomo Tribune - GN'R faces future after ex-pal's lawsuit

Post by Blackstar on Sat Apr 21, 2018 3:41 pm

1993.10.21 - The Kokomo Tribune - GN'R faces future after ex-pal's lawsuit Adler_10


GN’R faces future after ex-pal’s lawsuit

Although displeased with the monetary settlement in their legal battle with exdrummer Steven Adler, the members of Guns N’ Roses are moving ahead on other fronts. The band is putting the finishing touches on its next album, "The Spaghetti Incident” - due for release Nov. 23 - and continuing work on an upcoming documentary.

Just hours before the case would have gone to the jury recently, the band’s attorneys reached a settlement with Adler, agreeing to pay him $2.5 million. Adler had brought suit against the band, his former management and attorneys two years ago, charging that he was fraudulently removed from the group and unknowingly stripped of his partnership interest in the band. Adler will collect $2.3 million from the band, $150,000 from former manager Alan Niven, and $50,000 from GN’R’s current manager, Doug Goldstein.

A statement released by the band’s label, Geffen Records, and attributed only to the Guns N’ Roses camp, said, “We’re not thrilled about having to pay Steven Adler more money than we already were paying him, and we continue to believe in the defenses we asserted . in the lawsuit. But we are certainly glad to have the dispute behind us.” A Geffen Records spokesperson could not elaborate on how much the band was already paying Adler, although according to the agreement that he signed when he left the band, he retained his royalties.

According to the original suit, Guns N’ Roses threw Adler out of the band in 1990. Adler, who admits he had a drug problem, signed a 12-page document relinquishing his partnership, interest in the band. Adler’s attorney, David Chodos, says Adler never read the agreement prior to signing it, instead relying on a summary prepared by GN’R’s attorneys, which did not mention that Adler was giving up his partnership rights. According to Chodos, during the trial, members of the band and management testified that they did not know that the agreement Adler signed included his surrendering his partnership share without being bought out by the other band members. - BPI

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