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1996.09.22 - Detroit Free Press - Guns N’ Roses has a new disc that’s pure rock (Duff)

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1996.09.22 - Detroit Free Press - Guns N’ Roses has a new disc that’s pure rock (Duff) Empty 1996.09.22 - Detroit Free Press - Guns N’ Roses has a new disc that’s pure rock (Duff)

Post by Blackstar on Sat Nov 16, 2019 6:55 pm

1996.09.22 - Detroit Free Press - Guns N’ Roses has a new disc that’s pure rock (Duff) 1996_030
1996.09.22 - Detroit Free Press - Guns N’ Roses has a new disc that’s pure rock (Duff) 1996_031


Guns N’ Roses has a new disc that’s pure rock

Guns N’ Roses set to deliver

Pop Music

Welcome back to the jungle.

It’s been more than three years since we’ve heard anything musical from the wild men in Guns N’ Roses. During that time we’ve heard just about everything else, mostly rumors of a split, fueled by (your choice) irrevocable feuding between the tempestuous Axl Rose and Slash, irrevocable drug problems, even Axl’s irrevocably balding pate.

Rest easy.

When Gn’R bassist Duff McKagan cruised through town recently to jam with his Neurotic Outsiders—a smoking quartet that includes Guns drummer Matt Sorum, the Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones and Duran Duran’s John Taylor—he dropped a few hints about Guns’ next record, which he says is due by the middle of next year. McKagan and Sorum are rehearsing with the band in LA between Outsiders gigs. And the Gn’R guys—who are indeed feuding, which means things are normal—will hit the studio by year’s end.

An album next year would serve as a nifty 10th-year anniversary gift for fans. It was summer 1987 when “Appetite for Destruction” blasted into the rock conscious, before going on to sell 13 million copies.

In a chat before the Detroit show, McKagan understandably said he’d much rather talk about the Outsiders, who are busy pushing their self-titled album of raw and heavy jam. He’s got a right to be proud, and hard rock fans who want to add 10 m.p.h. to their speed would do well to grab this sweaty rocker for the car.

But McKagan’s voice picked up anyway when conversation turned to Guns, which hasn’t released anything since 1993’s “The Spaghetti Incident?,” a collection of punk and hard rock covers. Working with the punk-edged Outsiders has re-energized McKagan, he said, and after three shaky years wondering about Guns’ future, he went into the new rehearsals pumped.

At the band’s LA management company, meanwhile, staffers are crossing their fingers. They’ve learned to keep their excitement in check.

“Yes, we’re hoping to have an album out by the end of ’97," said a staffer. “But then, we’ve been waiting awhile.

“What people should know, though, is this is the first time they’ve rehearsed together in quite some time. Everybody’s finally showing up. So it is important.”

With a possible summer Gn’R tour waiting in the wings— featuring a replacement for departed guitarist Gilby Clarke — McKagan chatted about...

THE BREAKUP RUMORS: "There's a lot of BS that went down. The media had built up this pressure. Some people know how to deal with it, some start believing their hype. But now we've grown up a little bit. ... There’s a natural angst now at rehearsal, but it’s great. Just try to put yourself in the shoes. It's like you’re brothers, and all of a sudden it’s like you’re married to each other, too, and you’ve gotta deal with life together. You can get a divorce, but it doesn’t make much sense, because there’s a lot of people out there who want to hear another record.”

THE NEW MUSIC: “We’re making a 12-song record — no ballads, nothing slow. We’ve got to crush on this record. And there’s no better judges of our music than ourselves, so we really cut ourselves apart: We’re basically taking 40 songs and finding 12. But you’ve gotta watch each other’s feelings, so we never use the term ‘that sucks.' ’’

HIS OWN WELL BEING: I’m ready for this. I’ve been in training, mentally and physically, as opposed to a couple years ago. when I couldn’t have done this, no way. Now I look at life differently. I work out every day no matter what. I got my life back. As opposed to live-fast-die-young, I love life again.”

HOW NEUROTIC OUTSIDERS MAY INFLUENCE THE GUNS MATERIAL: I went into rehearsal one day and Axl was singing all the words to the songs. He loves it. And he’s very indicative of an American kid; he’s from the Midwest. I think that’s indicative of the excitement — this is the first white rock record in, like, five years that talks about chicks. It’s just pure, simple rock ’n’ roll, straight and to the point. We’re not trying to be politically correct. Everything’s got its place, but it’s time to rock again.”

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