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1991.01.09 - RAW - Dream On!

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1991.01.09 - RAW - Dream On! Empty 1991.01.09 - RAW - Dream On!

Post by Blackstar on Sun Sep 08, 2019 12:41 am

Thanks to @Surge for sharing this article!

1991.01.09 - RAW - Dream On! 1991-010


Dream On!

Guns n’ Roses find a title... And a new singer!

GUNS N’ ROSES have at last got a title for their long-awaited new album. It’s to be called ‘Lose Your Illusions’ and should be released through the Geffen label in the Spring. Produced by Mike Clink, as yet the album’s track listing hasn’t been confirmed. However bassist Duff McKagan is featured singing on a few songs.


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