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1995.05.14 - Parade Magazine (Axl)

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1995.05.14 - Parade Magazine (Axl) Empty 1995.05.14 - Parade Magazine (Axl)

Post by Blackstar on Thu Aug 22, 2019 9:45 am

1995.05.14 - Parade Magazine (Axl) Stepha10


Q: Not too long ago, Stephanie Seymour was suing Axl Rose allegedly heating her up. Whatever happened to her lawsuit?—C.C., Portland, Ore.

A: A source close to Rose, 33, told PARADE that the insurance company representing the rock star agreed to pay $400,000 to su-permodel Seymour, 26, to settle the 2-year-old case out of court, “The papers still aren’t signed,” said our source, “but Axl won’t do any talking. He’s concentrating on his work.” Rose’s lawyers told us: “Both parties agreed to dismiss their claims against each other. The litigation has been resolved.” But they vehemently denied that there had been a payoff.

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