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1995.09.DD - Select Magazine - In The Pub: Slash

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1995.09.DD - Select Magazine - In The Pub: Slash Empty 1995.09.DD - Select Magazine - In The Pub: Slash

Post by Blackstar on Thu Aug 22, 2019 4:40 am

1995.09.DD - Select Magazine - In The Pub: Slash Select10



Our regular visit to licensed premises for a good natter with a pop person of note...

Drinkers: Slash (vodka with orange juice and tonic water), Rip (Foster's lager), Garry Mulholland (red wine).

Slash: "Yeah...I got a firm handshake. I'll tell you a story about that. When l was young, my girlfriend's best friend was beautiful. She had that bohemian look. Real long hair, skirts with no panties (pauses dreamily)... Man, she was real sexy. Anyway, when I was introduced to her I gave her what I thought was a polite handshake, y'know... a real limp, girly handshake. A coupla days later I got the message back that she’d said to my girl... 'Jesus! What a faggot handshake that guy's got!’ I never did it again. I hate sweaty palms. Sweaty limp palms? Uh-uh."

"This is my latest invention (points to strange orange liquid). We spend most of our Iives inventing new drinks. It hasn't got a name. I only invented it at 4.30 this morning...

"Everyone deserves a drink. If you wake up in the morning you deserve a drink. Shit, in our house, if you manage to lift the seat and piss in the toilet bowl you deserve a drink!

"I love these fuckin' ashtrays though (indicates monstrous Brit pub ashtray). I used to steal these a lot. If you steal one from your local, that's like fuckin' sacrilege, but if you're in a fuckin' airport bar that has cool ashtrays, hey, it ain't a Federal offence. I got a ton of 'em.

“Whenever I come to England, it's either during Wimbledon or the cricket season. I guess it's always the fuckin' cricket season over here, right? I've been watchin’ cricket for years now and still can't figure out what the rules are. You hit the fuckin' ball and then these guys run from one side of the square to the other... I mean, who invented this game?

"The best rock'n'roll quote I ever heard is a Keith Richards one he told Axl. He turned up late for this show with The Stones. Someone hassled him an' he said...‘I slept in a chandelier last night - but I still fuckin' got here.' That’s rock'n'roll, folks! Keith's done everything that's in my personality an' survived. You can't be a red-blooded rock’n'roll guitar player without admiring Keith.

"I wouldn't recommend the rock'n'roll lifestyle to everyone. People think there's a lot of glamour, but if you're gonna do this, you gotta sell your soul to it. It's an old fuckin' cliché, but it's the truth. She (points at wife Renee), she's fuckin' crazy. She married it! Didn't you?

Renee: "No, I married a hairball."

Slash: "My friend's kid thinks I'm a Q-Tip."

Renee: "Kids love him. They think it's a cartoon."

Slash: "I 'm not exactly the marrying kind, so we have our ups and downs. She doesn't come on tour all the time. She's no fuckin' Yoko. We have an agreement not to have kids. We’re too busy. That's why if she tells me she’s forgotten to take her pill, I say, 'Well, get up an' take the fuckin’ pill.' (To press officer) Mane, can you get me another drink? Make it a quadruple. The shots here are really small."

(At this point, Slash fields a stream of autograph hunters. He is endlessly polite, if shell-shocked.)

"These people are cool. They're just drinking in a fuckin' bar. You find one in every ten people are assholes, but t like to close my eyes, dip my foot in the pool, see what happens. Do you think they'll let me take the ashtray as a souvenir?"

Total imbibed: two double vodka inventions, one quadruple vodka invention, three lagers, three wines.


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