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Quotes on follow-up to Chinese Democracy

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Quotes on follow-up to Chinese Democracy Empty Quotes on follow-up to Chinese Democracy

Post by Soulmonster on Sat May 21, 2011 4:33 pm

It took a long time, but now it's working, and I think we'll have the right record, and when we do drop the record, the plan is to drop the record, have a bunch of extra tracks, about a year or so down the road drop another record and drop a third record. This is a three-stage thing and we'll be touring for a real long time.” Axl Rose (November 2002).

"We're working on 32 songs, and 26 are nearly done.” Axl Rose (January 2006).

"It's actually four records. He's got four albums worth of material.” Sebastian Bach (October 2007).

"I was like, “when is this coming out?”... and he said "2012". I was like dude… your killin me! He goes, "well this comes out on the third record... it relates to this song, it’s a trilogy… this goes with this lyrically." Sebastian Bach (November 2007).

"For now, we’ll concentrate and keep our focus on this album, but I will say I’ve always thought of it as a double. And no offense, but no one’s trying to talk in parables. The issues are a bit more complex than anyone would like." Axl Rose (December 2008).

"No, maybe same bat time, same bat channel next year but we’ll have to see." Axl Rose (“I know this is jumping the gun big time, but any tentative idea when you would like to see the next CD come out?” – December 2008).

Have no idea and don't care. Hopefully, we'll be working 'Chinese' for a good bit. Of course there's the same idiots that have been around forever already demanding release dates.” Axl Rose (“When’s the next album?” - February 2009).

Not as much as Baz [Sebastian Bach] thinks he heard! Really, it doesn't matter. If things go well enough, we'd like to get another out at some point in our lifetimes.” Axl Rose (“How much material is there?” – February 2009).

Depends how you look at it.” Axl Rose (“Is anything finished?” – February 2009).

Not something we've focused on.” Axl Rose (“How do you look at it?” – February 2009).

You got that? What I can say is if you don't like this, then you probably won't like that. Same people, lots more approaches, bit meaner in places and darker in some. Robin does a really great Stevie Ray Vaughan-type solo on one track.” Axl Rose (“You're not saying much.” – February 2009).

It might come out in 2011. We’ve been very busy touring the last years, but we write new songs. As far as I can judge, it’s gonna be an incredible good record” Dj Ashba (May 2010).

They (Dj and Dizzy) were misquoted in the translation – they would “like” to do a new album, but that’s the extent of it…” Bumblefoot (June 2010)

We’ve been throwing around a bunch of ideas,” he said, “and it should be good.” “Axl has a lot of good shit up his sleeves, so I’m really excited about it,” Ashba explained, “It won’t take as long – I promise.” Dj Ashba (November 2010)

We’ve yet to get in a room and write as a band – know Dj mentioned something about a new album, but don’t want y’all expecting anything soon – other than old unreleased Chi Dem songs, songs need to be written, jammed, recorded, tweaked, re-worked, re-recorded, mixed, re-mixed, mastered, re-mastered, art, new art label approval, a game plan from the label that Ax approves….not as simple when it’s such a big scale…” Bumblefoot (November 2010)

“Richard Fortus hopes the album “is gonna get released very soon”. Dj is “looking forward” to recording new material.” Richard Fortus and Dj Ashba (April 2011)

Wouldn’t that be something??? Ya never know. Crossin my fingers.” Tommy Stinson (“New GN’R album?” – April 2011)

Working on the new Guns record.” Dj Ashba (“with Axl” - May 2011)

GN’R is taking some time off right now.” Dizzy Reed (May 2011)

I think the next thing is really going to have to be someone trying to organize a record and getting it together. I think there’s a really good band there to do it. But, you know, the thought of it is more daunting than a “Mats or a Soul Asylum record combined.” Tommy Stinson (May 2011)

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