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1992.05.DD - Musique Plus - Segments from interview with Slash and Lars from Metallica

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1992.05.DD - Musique Plus - Segments from interview with Slash and Lars from Metallica Empty 1992.05.DD - Musique Plus - Segments from interview with Slash and Lars from Metallica

Post by Blackstar on Fri Jul 26, 2019 10:18 pm

From the interview/sort-of-press conference Slash and Lars did when the Guns N' Roses/Metallica tour was officially announced. These particular clips were included in a recap about the Montreal riot aired on Musique Plus in late 1992, and that's why they're all about crowd violence at the shows.



Lars: I don’t think that they come to this show looking for anything specific. I think the fact that you take these two bands, put them on the same bill and give people an opportunity to basically experience Metallica and Guns N’ Roses, five hours next to each other, is – if everybody’s gonna come looking for something different, they’ll want to release some energy, they had a rough week at work or blah blah blah, problems in their personal life or whatever, and they just come and they get all that anxiety and all that energy out. And hopefully we can be the people that help to let that out of them, so that they don’t take it out on their houses or on their parents or something like that.

Slash: Well, rock ‘n’ roll is a huge release, you know? That’s what it is. And it’s not supposed to be predictable, and it’s not supposed to be, like, too safe, [like] it’s gonna be there on a daily basis where you just turn on the radio and it’s just like the same thing every day. Because the motivation between what bands are supposed to be about, as far as how I grew up, is entirely different.


Slash: For me it’s like, go to the gig, and then just be cool to your fellow man, you know. That’s one thing I can’t stand – you know, crowd violence and all that, because that’s not necessary and that’s not anything about what any of us are about, and –

Lars: I’ve just never understood the whole thing about you go see your favorite band, and the way you show your appreciation is that you throw something at it. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Slash: Or at the person next to you, you know?

Lars: Yeah, beat the hell out of the guy next to you.

Slash: That’s really important. Sometimes I wonder what these people are thinking. And I know it’s a mass audience, I know that there’s a lot of individuals – a hell of a lot of individuals.

Lars: It’s gonna be a lot of different people coming. You know, I’m not gonna sit here, and preach and tell you guys what to do, but just –

Slash: Be cool.

Lars: Just be cool and make this work.


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