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1987.08.DD - Musique Plus - Interview with Slash and Duff

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1987.08.DD - Musique Plus - Interview with Slash and Duff Empty 1987.08.DD - Musique Plus - Interview with Slash and Duff

Post by Blackstar on Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:38 am


Paul Sarrasin: Let’s talk about the album now. Welcome to the Jungle: Axl said it was the most representative song.

Slash: It’s very indicative of what Guns are about.

Paul Sarrasin: What? “Welcome to the jungle”? (?)

Duff: I’ll tell you exactly why. Because all of us moved – you know, you have that dream, you play music, you’re in your own little hometown; and you move to L.A. looking for the dream. You get there and the dream is not right there. You see a lot of real stuff. In L.A. there’s more than - probably besides New York – any major city of the world; real in-your-face stuff. So, you get there and there’s a reality. But we made it through it, you know. We all got together somehow.

Slash: Welcome to the Jungle was one of those songs that – When we first got together, I’d come up with some riff, right? And Axl had some lyrics sittin’ around. And, so, I said to Axl, “Let’s work on some tunes.” So, he came over at my place and we worked on the song. Then we went to the studio, and, as Duff said, we - the band raped it, and then it came into (?). All our songs are basically the offshoot of someone’s (?)

Duff (interrupting): ... sick idea (laughs). Is it raining? Is that what that is?

Slash: ... and then we put whatever.

Duff: Is that what that is?

Slash: (To Duff:) No, I’m spitting while I talk.


[Live footage]

Paul Sarrasin: You played in England, you said...

Duff: Marquee. We played three nights about two months ago. It was insane. We got there having really no idea what the response [would be], because our EP’s did really well over there – before the album. And we get there, and we go to the soundcheck the first night – it’s, like, 3:00 in the afternoon, actually – and there’s a line of kids, two blocks down, all knowing who we were, and we were going on and off.

Slash: So we had to have our security guards, right? I mean, for us it’s like, we just hang out. We don’t need security people, we’re not used to that, right?

Duff: It’s a real joke to us, actually.

Slash: Anyway, so we go out and we go to hang out in London, right? And it’s like, all these kids are coming up and they’re asking for autographs, and they want their asses signed, and their chest signed...

Paul Sarrasin: Oh, yeah?

Slash: And I’m like, whooa!

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