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1993.03.05 - The Daily Journal - Rose, Seymour split

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1993.03.05 - The Daily Journal - Rose, Seymour split Empty 1993.03.05 - The Daily Journal - Rose, Seymour split

Post by Blackstar on Mon May 20, 2019 4:12 pm

1993.03.05 - The Daily Journal - Rose, Seymour split 1993_103


Rose, Seymour split

Official splitsville for Axl Rose and Stephanie Seymour? (Like we haven’t heard that before?!)

Yes, indeed, he says. Furthermore, he adds, “I think I’ve found somebody I can be happy with.” (That puts an end to printed reports that the Guns N’ Roses rocker-model duo had secretly wed!)

“It was fun,” Rose says. “I wish Stephanie the best.” The breakup of the two-year relationship was brewing, but they finally called it quits this past weekend.

And what about this new lady friend? Even though Seymour has been briefly linked from time to
time with other guys (Warren Beatty and Charlie Sheen, for two), a Rose spokeswoman says the singer swears he was not romantically involved with his new love before the official breakup with Seymour.

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