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2001.03.29 - The Daily News Journal - Slash's Snakepit Slither's Away

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2001.03.29 - The Daily News Journal - Slash's Snakepit Slither's Away Empty 2001.03.29 - The Daily News Journal - Slash's Snakepit Slither's Away

Post by Blackstar on Tue 21 Apr 2020 - 7:48

2001.03.29 - The Daily News Journal - Slash's Snakepit Slither's Away 2001_036


Slash's Snakepit
Slither's Away

Band has plans to return

by Cindy Watts
Lifestyles writer

Slash's Snakepit is slithering away from the renowned guitarist’s 1980s music while using its new CD, “Ain’t Life Grand,” to prove it knows how to rock with authority.

"I'm the antithesis of anything that was popular in 1985,” says Slash, former Guns ’N’ Roses guitarist. “Now it’s come full circle. I don't care about what the mainstream is right now, but I’ve watched a lot of people get really depressed about the stuff that’s out there. There’s nothing coming out right now that makes a Les Paul or an amp sound any better than it ever has, and I’m happier playing to an audience that appreciates tradition. I can feel the turbulence. Hopefully we’re spearheading a new wave.”

According to drummer Matt Laug, Slash’s Snakepit uses its music to gain people’s attention and then keeps it through its energetic, action-packed performances.

“The music and live performances are the priority in Snakepit,” Laug says. .“The mu-sic draws you in to come see us live and then we take care of the top from there.

“People can expect their heads to be ripped off,” Laug adds. “It’s high-energy show that covers the entire spectrum of music. We play the whole album, a few Guns ’N' Roses tunes for the hardcore Guns fans, and then we’ll do a cover tune or two to add a bit of color to the set...”

Laug describes the band’s music as the real deal. In the face of today’s boy bands and rap-rock music, Slash’s Snakepit may be the only — or one of the only — real rock bands left, he says.

Singer Rod Jackson says their music isn’t the only thing setting them apart from other rock bands, it’s their individual personalities, as well.

“We are the way we are, and that makes us different,” Jack-son explains. “Everything about us — the way we dress, the things we say to each other, just about everything makes us different. We’re from the planet Different. It’s right beside Venus,” the singer jokes. “You have to hang a right at Mars to get there...”

While Slash’s Snakepit may appear to be a little odd, its members still have common goals. However, it hasn’t always been that way.

The Snakepit had trouble assembling its lineup at first, weeding through more than 100 singers before settling on Jackson to fill the lead position.

“I think I was the bottom of the barrel,” Jackson jokes. “I was the last one, so they were like, ‘OK, let’s see what this guy's got.' I just went in there and belted it out.”

If Jackson was ever unsure of his place in the band, those worries are long gone. The singer says this is the first real thing he’s ever done, and plans to kick as much butt as possible.

"I want to sound soulful," the singer says. “I want to bring the songs to life with feelings and mood. I want to take them from color and make them Technicolor.

“Me and Slash are going to conquer the world," he adds, laughing. “Watch out, Tennessee, you’re going to pick up a one dollar bill and it will have mine and Slash’s picture on it.”

Jackson also has high hopes for the band’s CD, “Ain’t Life Grand,” which was released last fall.

“I’d like to see it go triple platinum and own the world,” he says. “But right now I'd just like to see people really get off on it.”

The members of Slash’s Snakepit say they’re sorry fans in the Nashville area didn’t have the opportunity to rock with them as planned last Friday. Due to Slash’s illness — a bad case of the flu — they were forced to cancel several tour dates with AC/DC, including the Nashville date, which was scheduled for March 23. “We all apologize to all the fans because we’re fans ourselves,” Laug explains. “We’re fans of playing music, and it’s the biggest letdown that we’re not out there doing it right now, but we’re going to get out there as soon as we can."

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