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1992.06.06 - Kerrang - Izzy fires back at Guns

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1992.06.06 - Kerrang - Izzy fires back at Guns Empty 1992.06.06 - Kerrang - Izzy fires back at Guns

Post by Blackstar on Sat May 18, 2019 3:41 pm

From, a great Izzy dedicated site by @izzyshounds
The scans of the original Spanish article can be found here:


Izzy fires back at Guns

Former Guns N' Roses guitarist Izzy Stradlin' will release his debut solo album, as yet untitled, through Geffen in October.

Stradlin' may play some UK showcase shows this Autumn, when he's due here for promotional duties. Although these gigs are unconfirmed at present, Mayhem understands that Stradlin' may appear at London Marquee and some selected regional clubs.

The nomadic guitarist has been working on his debut release for some time now, but has declined to release any details about the project or the other musicians involved.

However, Stradlin' began his solo career by working with former Burning Tree bassist Mark Dutton and drummer Doni Grey (the third member of the Tree, Marc Ford, is now with the Black Crowes, ironically after the Crowes considered offering Izzy the job!).

Dutton has travelled to Chicago with Stradlin' where further recording sessions are currently underway, and Mayhem understands that several drummers have been involved, including Cheap Trick sticksman Bun E Carlos. Former Rolling Stones pianist Nicky Hopkins has also contributed.

There's also a possibility that Stradlin' will write material with Cheap Trick, and also with Aerosmith.

Stradlin' has also announced the completion of a management deal with Alan Niven, who was fired as Guns N' Roses manager during the protracted recording of the 'Use Your Illusion" albums.

Guns are now handled by Niven's former partner, Doug Goldstein.

Commenting on Izzy's touring plans, Niven said: "Izzy has a world map and a large box of push pins with which he's marking where he wants to tour".

In a stinging rebuttal to Guns N' Roses' comments that their former bandmate was no longer interested in touring or making videos, Niven continued: "Statements to the effect that he's 'not into touring and videos' are completely false. Everyone knows Izzy lives to play music and travel".

Stradlin' has been reluctant to comment on his departure from Guns N' Roses; however, his album and tour schedule is set to prove that the disputes within the band ran deeper than have been reported so far.

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