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1992.02.02 - Indianapolis Star/LA Daily News - Former Gunner fires back at band (Steven)

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1992.02.02 - Indianapolis Star/LA Daily News - Former Gunner fires back at band (Steven) Empty 1992.02.02 - Indianapolis Star/LA Daily News - Former Gunner fires back at band (Steven)

Post by Blackstar on Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:47 pm

1992.02.02 - Indianapolis Star/LA Daily News - Former Gunner fires back at band (Steven) A63XirnX_o


Former Gunner fires back at band

Steven Adler's lawsuit says he was drummed out of Guns N’ Roses unfairly in 1990.


Los Angeles — Drummer Steven Adler, ousted in 1990 from hard-rocking Guns Ν' Roses after signing what he claims was a dubious termination agreement, has offered his version of the circumstances that led to his leaving the best-selling group.

Adler pulls few punches when asked about his rise to the top with former band mates W. Axl Rose and Saul "Slash" Hudson.

"That was supposed to be the best time of my life, and it wasn't," the blond 27-year-old said recently. "Axl made it the worst time of my life — showing up late, leaving the stage early, opening up with ballads — all kinds of stupid (stuff) went down. I can count on one hand the number of rehearsals he showed up for."

Adler's accusations

According to a lawsuit filed in September on behalf of Adler in Los Angeles Superior Court, the drummer was encouraged by the Guns N‘ Roses organization to use heroin and, when he was prescribed medication to counter his addiction, was accused of holding up recording sessions for the twin Use Your Illusion albums.

On March 28, 1990, Adler was pressured to sign a complicated agreement that terminated his business and musical relationship with the band, the lawsuit alleges. The suit seeks to reverse the contract, dissolve the Guns partnership and award Adler damages and royalties.

Steven Adler's lawsuit says he was drummed out of Guns N’ Roses unfairly in 1990.

"Guns N’ Roses don’t want to dignify Steven's allegations with a response because they believe the truth will easily come out within the due legal process," said Bryn Bridenthal, the band's spokeswoman.

In an interview last January with Rolling Stone magazine, Slash, 26, told of his own drug use and said the band waited for Adler to straighten up for a year, but "every time he went into rehab, he took off ... Steven had no control whatsoever."

Adler countered that he was a scapegoat for the band members’ own drug problems.

"Most of what they’re saying isn't true,” he said. "I wasn’t doing anything in any way, shape or form different from what they were doing. I don't know how anybody who knows Guns Ν' Roses could think I was the bad guy. I didn't hold up the sessions. I already had my parts down."

Adler met Slash when they were teenagers and formed a series of Hollywood garage bands that eventually led to Guns Ν' Roses in 1987. After his ouster three years later, Adler was replaced by former Cult drummer Matt Sorum. In another shake-up, founding Guns rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin recently left the group.

"Everybody thinks Axl runs that band,” Adler said. "Axl runs the band in only one way — if he doesn't show up, everybody's (messed up). Slash really runs everything. He was my best friend for more than 15 years, more than half my life. It was his decision, him and Axl, not to pay me."

Starting over

Adler acknowledges his past substance abuse but said he is drug-free now and looking forward to going on the road with his new band, Roadcrew, a five-piece hard rock band that played its first gig New Year's Eve at a San Francisco nightclub.

The group, which features San Francisco rock vet Davy Vain on lead vocals, rehearses six nights a week while a four-song demo tape makes the rounds of record companies.

Musically, the band draws inspiration from '70s rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Aerosmlth.

Paul Northfield, who produced the Roadcrew demo and engineered best-selling albums by Rush, Queensryche and Alice Cooper, said Adler is in fine form as a drummer.

"I was very impressed,” Northfield said. “He's got real flair and an explosive style. The guys have a really good band spirit. Davy's former group, Vain, had some of the most exciting bunch of guys I've ever been around. And it’s carried over to the new band."

The group also consists of guitarists Shawn Rorie and Jamie Scott, plus bassist Ashley Mitchell, all from San Francisco.

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