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1992.10.DD - In Your Face - Interview with Dizzy

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1992.10.DD - In Your Face - Interview with Dizzy Empty 1992.10.DD - In Your Face - Interview with Dizzy

Post by Blackstar on Fri Apr 12, 2019 4:49 pm

Original source:


Michael Francis Miller: And we’re back, in your face, with Mr. Dizzy Reed from Guns N’ Roses. How’re you doing, bro?

Dizzy: Doing great.

Miller: Right on. So you guys just got back from a major stadium tour. How did that go?

Dizzy: We had a blast, man. It was one giant party, very fun. It was great doing shows with Metallica.

Miller: Pretty crazy, huh?

Dizzy: Very crazy.

Miller: Stadiums are pretty cool to play, aren’t they?

Dizzy: We played, like, every major football stadium, I think. It was kind of cool just to check those out.

Miller: What was the largest crowd, do you think? Like 100,000 or something?

Dizzy: I think the Rose Bowl was the biggest.

Miller: Was it?

Dizzy: That was probably the best show too. I mean, they were all great, but that was the funnest.

Miller: The smoothest running?

Dizzy: The smoothest running and –

Miller: It was nice to come back home too, huh?

Dizzy: Yeah, it was nice to be back home. The best after-party too, I think.

Miller: You were supposed to be in the band originally before the band actually recorded Appetite, weren’t you? What happened?

Dizzy: I was supposed to do some shows with the band, and I think some recording too. But, a couple of days before the first show, I kind of got a little car accident.

Miller: (?)

Dizzy: Yeah, I got, like, a big toe instead of a thumb now.

Miller: That sort of hampers being able to play the keyboards?  

Dizzy: It made it a little difficult at first, but, you know, when your life is depending on it for whatever, you figure out a way to do it.

Miller: Mm-mmm. And you just recently became a father, didn’t you? How’s that treatment?

Dizzy: Well, I’m just now getting used to it, cuz we’ve been gone, but it’s great. I mean –

Miller: How’s the suburbia life treatment?

Dizzy: It’s kind of weird, you know. It’s like going from Hollywood to, like, “Leave It to Beaver” overnight. I went out to get the paper in my bath towel, you know? Not even thinking, like, the neighbors, like “Welcome to the neighborhood, Dizzy!” I’m like, “Hey, come over for a beer.” It’s like, “Alright!” A guy has (?) across the street and one waves, you know. I mean, it’s like in Hollywood, you walk out and everyone locks their windows. So, you know...

Miller: Is that O.C. that you’re living?    

Dizzy: Orange County, Laguna to go. It’s not in the phonebook, so don’t even try it.

Miller: (Laughs) Right. So what’s the future plans with the band? What’ve you guys got going on now? I know you’ve got a break here for a while, and you’re heading back out on the road, right?

Dizzy: Yeah. The tour that never ends. Next stop is South America, and from what I understand we’re playing, like, Bogota, and Lima, Buenos Aires...

Miller: Some weird venues, huh?

Dizzy: It’s gonna be interesting. Hopefully they’ll check the plane before we take off every time (laughs). For bombs.

Miller: For bombs. Or to make sure everybody’s on it.

Dizzy: Yeah, that too.

Miller: That’s always probably got to be done.

Dizzy: Yeah, we’ve been to South America. We went to Brazil last year - or two years ago? I don’t know. Somewhere.

Miller: That was Rock in Rio, wasn’t it?

Dizzy: It was Rock in Rio. It’s not quite a vacation like you have pictured it as being.

Miller: That’s what I’ve heard. I’ve heard Rio is real dirty and...

Dizzy: There’s a lot of poverty. I mean, I guess, like, 1% of the population actually has the money, and everybody else is just – there’s, like, packs of kids, like when I grew up you had, like, packs of dogs that were roaming the mountains and stuff. They have packs of kids that hit the beaches and stuff. It’s kinda scary, but, at the same time, it makes you realize that hopefully there’s something we could do to help those people out eventually.

Miller: Yeah... How did the crowd react when you guys were over there?

Dizzy: In Rio?

Miller: Yeah.

Dizzy: Oh, they went crazy.

Miller: Yeah. Was it weird, though?

Dizzy: It was weird because it wasn’t just us. I mean, there was, like, dozens of bands playing, and every night was huge, like 100,000 plus.

Miller: Oh yeah, that was, like, a three night deal, wasn’t it?

Dizzy: It was more than that.

Miller: Oh, was it?

Dizzy: Yeah. But it was, like, INXS played one night, Madonna the next night.

Miller: So what’s up with the recording schedule as far as the band goes?

Dizzy: Well, we have to finish touring, because we’re doing South America and then we’re going to, I think, Japan and Australia. And then we’re gonna do the States some more, yeah (chuckles).

Miller: So when does the actual tour finally wrap up?

Dizzy: Never. It never stops.

Miller: (Laughs) The endless tour?

Dizzy: It’s going on forever. It’s perpetually touring. Never stops. No, we’re gonna – after we do the States again, then we’re gonna start working on the next record, which is gonna be very fun, because, you know, we have Gilby in the band now, and Matt is gonna be involved in, like, the writing and stuff now too, so that’s gonna be very cool.

Miller: Cool. So it’ll be more of a group situation instead of just Axl and Slash.

Dizzy: Well, it’ll just – it’ll be good. It’ll be better.

Miller: Cool. I think that’ll change the actual way the band writes and stuff. I think it’ll be –

Dizzy: Oh, yeah. You know, whenever you change the chemistry of anything, it becomes a little different. It becomes either better – in this case, I think it will.

Miller: Cool. Good luck with what you’re doing, man. Tell the boys I said hi.

Dizzy: Will do.

Miller: Right on. Take care. Well, that was it for the first episode of “In Your Face.” I’d like to thank all my guests that came down and hung out with me today, especially Riki Rachtman from MTV. And, next week, we have Rick Rockwood from Sunset Strip Tattoo coming down for the “In the Skin” segment. We also have a band called Speedball coming down for the “Locomotion” segment. Until then, real peace. In your face.

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