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2019.04.05 - Futuro 88.9 FM (Chile) - Interview with Slash

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2019.04.05 - Futuro 88.9 FM (Chile) - Interview with Slash Empty 2019.04.05 - Futuro 88.9 FM (Chile) - Interview with Slash

Post by Blackstar on Sat Apr 06, 2019 11:29 pm

The interview is split into small audio clips containing only the answers and not the questions. I'm posting the transcripts under each clip:


[On returning to SMKC after the large-scale tour with Guns N’ Roses]:

Slash: Well, I mean, I was looking forward to going back in the studio at some point, you know, with Myles, and Todd and Frank and Brent. And I was just looking for a window to do it. So, when Guns N’ Roses had a sizeable break – I guess it was around December of 2017, or January, whatever, of 2018. So we had a break, and I just, like, got the guys together, and we had some material that was partially written. And then I wrote some new stuff around Christmas, and we just went in the studio and started jamming it out. It was a lot of fun, it was very spontaneous, and we did it in my own little tiny studio in L.A, and we had a good time.

[On not giving himself time to rest between the Guns N’ Roses tour and the recording of the SMKC album]:

Slash: You know, for me – I had a little bit of a break over Christmas, where, you know, the tour was over, and we didn’t go into the studio until January. So I had - two weeks for me is about as much of a break as I can take (laughs).

[On the title of the album “Living the Dream”]:

Slash: Initially, the title came from politics (laughs). Especially domestic American politics, but really, you know, global socio-politics, just a sort of tongue-in-cheek statement about that. But it does relate to what it is that we do, as well.  

[On the chemistry in SKMC]:

Slash: I think we have a great, very natural chemistry and that’s something that happened onset, when we first started playing together the first day - you know, that’s usually when you can tell - and it just has gone on from there. It's a very simple relationship. Everybody just really wants to play until we get together, and everybody’s very enthusiastic and we just go on and do it. So it’s a really "painless" band to work with (laughs).

[On trying new things with SMKC]:

Slash: Every time we do a record, you’re having ideas, then you’re expanding on whatever these ideas are; and they can be pretty diverse. The great thing about the Conspirators and Myles is that you can pretty much try anything, and everybody is down for trying it out. That’s sort of a blessing. I mean, it’s a hard rock band and I don’t think it’s gonna ever branch out and be a fusion jazz band. But, at the same time, it’s not so narrow-minded that we can only do one type of thing. So it’s fun, because you get some stuff that is more or less unexpected on every record.

[On what music he’s been listening to lately]:

Slash: I'm aware of new bands and I listen to new stuff whenever I get ahold of it. I haven’t got fixated on any brand new band as of yet, but there’s a bunch of really cool stuff out there. Mostly I’ve been listening to – for new music, you know - the Alice in Chains record that came out, and also the Prophets of Rage record and the Queens of the Stone Age record. So those were like three – also the Foo Fighters record. Then there’s a guy – the group is sort of called (?), but it’s really one guy, one artist. There’s a lot of new records I’ve been listening to when at home and in my car.  The rest of the time I’m listening to a lot of blues stuff and, you know, just classic stuff on the radio. When I’m on the road, I’m basically doing more writing than listening to anybody.

[On the Motley Crue biopic and the possibility of a Guns N’ Roses movie]:

Slash: I thought the Motley movie was great. Actually, I just saw it a couple of days ago, and it really took me back to the early days in the 80's all the way through their career, because I just remember everything that sort of happened along the way. And then it gave me an insight, sort of internal details that I wasn’t really aware of. But I thought that came out great. I wouldn’t want to do a Guns movie like that. I couldn’t imagine trying to find somebody to play the different members of the band (laughs). It just doesn’t even seem possible. But I think we have a lot of concert footage from the 90's in the can, like 24/7 footage from 1991 to 1994 of just every day on the road with Guns N’ Roses, and it’s been sitting in a vault for years. I would love for that to be edited at one point and put out. So we’ll see if that ever happens.

[On “Leaving Neverland” and the new Michael Jackson controversy]:

Slash: I can’t weigh in on that. I haven’t seen it. I mean, I was on the road in Europe and there was some talk of what the movie revealed and so on, but I can’t really make any kind of statement about it, because I haven’t seen it yet. And it’s been really quiet since that initial release, so I’m not really sure.

[On the plans for the rest of 2019]:

Slash: After South America, we'll go straight to Europe and do the festivals over there. And after Europe, we'll go back to the States and Canada to do our first Canadian tour plus some U.S. dates; and that goes until August. Then, after that, I’m gonna hook up with Guns N’ Roses. Guns N’ Roses has a small tour in October. And then, you know, there’s been so much talk about the Guns N’ Roses record, which we haven’t actually done anything with (laughs); so we’re gonna sort of focus on that. And the Conspirators will be some time coming up, depending on what Guns N’ Roses is doing, but I’ve already started putting together material for the new Conspirators record.



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2019.04.05 - Futuro 88.9 FM (Chile) - Interview with Slash Empty Re: 2019.04.05 - Futuro 88.9 FM (Chile) - Interview with Slash

Post by Soulmonster on Sun Apr 07, 2019 8:09 am

So a tour in October. And still the possibility of a record sometime down the line. Not holding my breath.
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