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1992.07.30 - New York Daily News - Homestead act of ’92

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1992.07.30 - New York Daily News - Homestead act of ’92 Empty 1992.07.30 - New York Daily News - Homestead act of ’92

Post by Blackstar on Mon 11 Mar 2019 - 16:27

1992.07.30 - New York Daily News - Homestead act of ’92 1992_034


Homestead act of ’92

PLATTERS OF 10-POUND lobsters, foot-high slabs of prime beef and unending bottles of Dom Perignon and Chateux Margaux floated over the crowd and landed at their tables. Eager young groupies revealed massive busts in eye-popping outfits. Into the middle of this swirl wandered a kinder, gentler Axl Rose.

The Guns N’ Roses singer picked up the tab for the food-drink orgy for 160 party animals at the Old Homestead restaurant on Ninth Ave. Tour mates Faith No More and groupies and roadies jumped on tables and shouted in praise of Axl (after ripping through tens of thousands of dollars worth of 65 lobsters, 45 king-sized Kobe steaks and 30 extra-thick slabs of prime rib).

Axl, 30, a crucifix dangling from his neck, stood on a chair and shouted: "I want to ------ thank all you ------ guys, all you ------ people, for the best ------ tour, you’re the ------ greatest. You're the best ------ support crew I ever ------ worked with ” (A bystander said this sounded suspiciously like his last thank-you speech.)

As the party surged into the wee hours, waiter Randy Steinman revealed to Axl that he’d likely miss court-reporting classes the next day. Axl wrote this note for his teacher, “Dear Mr. Sacco, I’m so sorry Randy was absent from school as he was working hard to feed starving heathens. Please excuse him, as with any luck it will happen again. Sincerely. W. Axl Rose.’’


Red-blooded rocker Axl Rose (l., making eyes at a fan, and below, contemplating his dinner), his bandmates and more than 100 others went Slash-ing into slabs of Grade A cuts (while also working the steamed-lobster shift) Tuesday at Axl’s favorite New York restaurant, the Old Homestead on Ninth Ave. Bass player Duff McKagan, bottom l., takes off with wife Linda for a little elbow room, while Slash, bottom r., takes time to lock lips with fiance Rene Hudson.

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