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1986.03.DD - Guns N' Roses Newsletter #4

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1986.03.DD - Guns N' Roses Newsletter #4 Empty 1986.03.DD - Guns N' Roses Newsletter #4

Post by Blackstar on Thu Feb 28, 2019 9:43 pm

Many thanks to @troccoli for sharing this with us, and for the amazing collection of GN'R memorabilia he has made available on his site. The original image of the newsletter (accompanied by a flyer) can be found here:



So you’re down and out and think you’ve reached the end of the road? Finally, Friday, March 28th, ‘Guns N’ Roses’ does a double-header at the Roxy and like cold beer thrown in your face, the light at the end of the road at last shines! With the hardest rock band out of England, ‘Carrera’ opening the first show at 8:00 and L.A.’s own ‘Lions & Ghosts’ opening the second show at 10:00, it is sure to be the event of 1986. Our new stage show alone, will make you cum in your pants!

Also, other news on the ‘Guns N’ Roses’ front: April 10th, yours truly will grace the cover of Music Connection Magazine. And at long last, the Whiskey A Go Go reopens its doors as the major Hollywood rock n’ roll nightclub it once was, and ‘Guns N’ Roses’ was called in to christen this historic event as the first band to play there in almost five years! Opening the show will be Hollywood’s new band ‘Faster Pussycat’ at 9:00 and hot on the huge success in New York, ‘Angels in Vain’ at 10:00.

So, Friday, March 28th, see us at the Roxy for the first, second, or both shows and then when you still want more, join us for the grand reopening celebration of the Whiskey A Go Go on Saturday, April 5th. Also, be sure to pick the April 10th edition of Music Connection Magazine.

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 destiny brings you to this place.”


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