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1992.07.31 - Journal and Courier - Axl Overload

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1992.07.31 - Journal and Courier - Axl Overload Empty 1992.07.31 - Journal and Courier - Axl Overload

Post by Blackstar on Sat Jan 26, 2019 10:28 am

1992.07.31 - Journal and Courier - Axl Overload 0gGyJ3BX_o


Axl overload

Is your fix for Guns n’ Roses fixed for another season? Between stops on the mega-Guns/ Metallica stadium tour, Axl Rose spent a few days visiting his Lafayette boyhood haunts.

What about the sound booms and cameras following Axl’s entourage on visits to Arni’s and all the rest? Is there a Guns n’ Roses tour video in the works? And will it include footage of Axl’s stop in Lafayette? Better yet, will Axl at least share some mixed feelings — meaning anything decent to say — about his hometown, considering the bashing Lafayette takes on his account?

The answer: Only the Axl knows.

Representatives at Gefien Records, Guns n’ Roses’ label, say the label isn’t involved with a video project. They also say they aren't allowed to talk about a possible band-produced video, even though they do know the band tapes every performance.

The funniest sighting of the week: Word has it that Axl went to Frozen Custard, stood in the drinks line, got to the front and ordered ice cream, only to get kicked out and told to wait in the ice cream line. Oh, how soon they forget.
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