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1988.04.DD - MTV Headbangers Ball - Slash and Duff interview with Megadeth

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1988.04.DD - MTV Headbangers Ball - Slash and Duff interview with Megadeth Empty 1988.04.DD - MTV Headbangers Ball - Slash and Duff interview with Megadeth

Post by Blackstar on Fri Dec 28, 2018 2:53 pm


[Cat & Fiddle Pub – Los Angeles]

David Ellefson (Megadeth bassist): This is Chuck Behler here with Megadeth, Anarchy in L.A. We’re hosting the Headbangers Ball tonight, right here on MTV. Right now we have our good friends here, Duff and Slash from Guns N’ Roses! Yo!

[Loud interjection in approval]

Ellefson: These are, like, our drinking buddies in LA and we’re looking for some more dead soldiers. There’s a war, you know, okay? Anyway. We were just talking about... What are your new projects here in LA? One of your new bands, right? You’re playing this Thursday at the Cathouse, the infamous Cathouse, is that right?

Duff: That’s right. Dr. Love and Love Connection. I look forward to being Dr. Love.

Ellefson: Dr. Love! Call the doctor and he’ll be in, alright? You know, take two and call him in the morning. Yo! So what have you guys been up to recently?

Duff: We’re just rehearsing new songs and we’re about to go on tour with Iron Maiden in May. And then we’ll go to Japan, we’re doing the Donnington festival and we’re going hopefully on tour in Europe with Metallica.

Ellefson: There you have it. There you have it right there, okay? Mega-roses, okay? It’s Guns N’ Death or whatever. Whatever... What d’ya say, Dave? What up?

Dave Mustaine: This is Dave Mustaine from Megadeth, and Jeff Young from Megadeth. And Mr. Slash, the gruel of gash from Guns N’ Roses! So Slash, why don’t you tell us how many people you trashed on your last tour, right? Come on!

Slash: That’s gonna get me... I’ve got enough legal hassle.

Mustaine: Hey, who cares about that?

Young: Sounds like a personal problem to me.

Mustaine: We want the anarchy in the US, huh?

Slash: Let’s just put it this way. I went out, I did my damage, everybody suffered for it. I, like, came out alright. I’m still alive, no one shot me, and I’m still here.

Mustaine: So you go along with our motto of rape, pillage and unemployment, right?

Slash: Yeah, basically. You know, because I can’t afford my own drinks (laughs).

Mustaine: Yeah, yeah, that’s what we say. We wanted to stay on tour because the beer’s free and you can always get a sandwitch.

Slash: It’s just when you’re on tour, it’s like, three meals every day, three drinks every day, in the city/out of the city. You’re always on the move, you get on a bus, it’s like a free ride to nowhere (laughs).

Mustaine: It’s like, in the bus/out of the bus, into the gig/out of the gig, into the bus, in your bus, out of the bus, back on the bus. Right?

Slash: Right. Exactly. It’s the living truth. I swear to God, this is the truth.

Ellefson: Anarchy in LA! Whooo!

Everybody: Whooo! Yo! YEAH!

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