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2006.08.30 - - Interview with Gilby

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2006.08.30 - - Interview with Gilby Empty 2006.08.30 - - Interview with Gilby

Post by Blackstar on Sun Dec 16, 2018 10:29 am

A year later, I'm here again, interviewing Gilby Clarke. Some years ago, this would seem like a dream to me. To be honest, it still does.
2006 was the year that Gilby Clarke came to Greece for 3 gigs! Some years ago, this would seem like a dream to me. To be honest, it still does.
For those of you who don't know, Gilby is in Supernova at the moment, with Tommy Lee (Motley Crue) and Jason Newstead (Metallica).
The following interview was based on questions asked by members of the and forums.

C: In your experience with Guns n Roses , do you believe there is enough unused material to do a Box Set and if so...what would you suggest be on a Box Set as a member of the group during those years?

G: There's nothing available. (Laughs) There really isn't... Everything that I know about is out already. I mean, Greatest Hits, the live album. The only track I can think of is the one on the pinball machine, But I don't even think we ever finished that. But yeah, there's really nothing for a box set, it's probably just gonna include the new era stuff, but we're done.

C: In today's market where so many new bands are shoved down our throats for a few months and then never heard from again, what bands do you think have the ability to still be a factor in the industry in 10 years or so?

G: Bands that are out today?

C: Yeah.

G: Let me see, I gotta tell you, I'm not really a fan of them but I think bands like Pearl Jam are gonna be around for a long time. I mean, I'm not a fan of their music, but I do respect it and I get it, it's just not something I would listen to. Let me think for a second, a lot of stuff I like usually doesn't last. It's a shame, I really love that Jet record that came out a couple of years ago but unfortunately I don't think they're gonna make it. I love the Hives but they're not really growing. I gotta tell you, it's the bands that have been doing it, bands like U2 are gonna be around forever. You know that's pretty much about it.

C: But these are old bands.

G: Yeah, they really are. You know, there are lots of new bands out there that have potential to grow up, this new band the Killers, I think they're a really good band, they have really good songs, let's see how they grow. It all depends on your growth.

C: What's the story behind your gorgeous rendition of the Stones' Wild Horses on the Illusion tour?

G: (Laughs) Actually it's a funny story, I've told it before. Right when we were about to do the first show, Slash came up to me and said "you know before Patience, Izzy always did a little something, it's a solo, what are you gonna do?" and I gotta tell you, I didn't even think of anything but I had done Wild Horses acoustic a couple of times, so it was just my idea to do that and it just kinda clicked with the guys, they liked it. You know, and everybody knew it so they sang and played along. There was a point actually where I switched, I did "Happiness is a Warm Gun" a couple of times, but it didn't work very good, so I just stopped with that. And you know what's fun about it, when we do my solo shows every now and then we go to some places and everybody knows it so...

C: This guy is asking "I have three of your solo cds and of course your stuff with Col. Parker and GNR. Is there a good address I can use to send one of the cd sleeves in for you to sign the cover for me?"

G: You know what? This is a hard one. (Laughs) Because I don't have an address anymore. The reason is unfortunately I get too many cd's by people. And I don't wanna sound like a mean guy, cause I'm not one, it's just really impossible to be objective and listen to everybody's cd's. That's why we shut down the american fan club. We felt that there was so much information on the internet we didn't really need it. I just feel bad, it's always better to come to the shows and get it signed there.

C: What happened with Col. Parker? Why Did you only release one album?

G: Well I gotta tell you, that was a really unfortunate circumstance, Because I actually REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like the Col. Parker record. Obviously Muddy still plays with my band. I really thought it was a really good record, it was all about the record company, V2 is just not a very good record company. We knew the president of the label, and he put the record out, he loved the record. It just didn't do well. They just didn't know how to market it. When we were out on the road, it was brutal out there. And we really wanted to make another record. We just kinda said it wasn't a good idea to do it on V2. I'm not saying we'll never, ever get to do that. I think that in the future you'll find me working more with Jim and Muddy on my stuff.

C: When are you gonna release another solo album?

G: (Laughs) Well, not for a while. I was planning on doing it this year. When I got back from the MC5 tour, my job was to write a new solo record. But now that Supernova is happening, those songs that I was working on, I'm gonna be giving them to Supernova. So, if they won't make it, it'll be the same thing with GN'R, I'll make one next year. Let's just see how Supernova goes. I mean, one thing about making solo records is, it never goes away. There was a few years ago, I actually said I'm not doing it anymore, I'm done. And I really did quit. And I just kinda felt that I was cheating myself. It's a really good form of expression for me and I should keep doing it.

C: So are you writing new music now?

G: Yes, that's what I've been doing. I have a lot of really cool new songs that I'm really happy about. And like I said they're gonna go to Supernova, if we don't dig them they'll go to a new solo record.

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