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1990.01.22 - Interview after the American Music Awards (Slash, Duff) [VIDEO]

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1990.01.22 - Interview after the American Music Awards (Slash, Duff) [VIDEO] Empty 1990.01.22 - Interview after the American Music Awards (Slash, Duff) [VIDEO]

Post by Blackstar on Thu Dec 13, 2018 10:26 am


[Clips of Slash and Duff receiving the awards]


Slash: We’re in the studio, alright?

Duff: We have 35 songs.

Slash: We’re writing 24 songs, basically.

Duff: Ah. 35...

Slash: 35 we got, 24 we are doing and in fact... The whole music [beep] thing is changing, which is [beep] cool. Ya know?

Q: How do you (?) changes?

Slash: It’s just getting better. It’s getting more genuine.

Duff: It’s like, getting more and more and more from the heart.

Q: (?) double album?

Slash: Yeah, it’s a double album.

Q: Can I get a title?

Slash: As far as you know.

Duff: (Laughs) (talking to the journalist) Title? I think he tells you to go [beep] somewhere else.

Slash: (Laughs and hugs Duff) It’s my optimistic friend here.

Q: How do you think your audience perceives you now?

Slash: They think we drink a lot, they think we slam a lot of drugs, they think this, they think that... It’s just a big [beep] media thing, right? It’s all of you guys’ fault.

Duff: That’s why I can’t get a girlfriend, you know.

Q: What’s that you’re drinking – can I get some?

(Laughter in the room)

Slash: That’s very funny. There’s no bar here.

Duff: Funny like peculiar or like funny (?)

Slash: We’re drinking wine. It’s a very fine wine, but... (laughs)

Duff: Fetcher, I think.

[cut to another clip]

Q: (Inaudible)

Duff: No.

Slash: No, then we just wouldn’t have any record stores and we’d sell them on the street. Like those guys in the freeway with the flowers.

(Laughter in the room)

Duff: You can see me and Slash out on the freeway (laughs).

Slash: (Laughs)

[cut to another clip]

Duff: The record sales is not our main priority whatsoever. It’s like, integrity...

Slash (talks over): I mean... We are a band, man!

Duff: (talks over) Sincerity.

Slash: We go in, we jam, we hang out... It’s just like... And we listen to rap records and now we’re doing this stuff (dances), you know? Our audience is the only thing that made us happen, right?

Duff: (talks over) You think about...

Slash: (talks over) Geffen’s great and stuff, but...

Duff: You think about when, like, you were 15 and 16 and stuff, and when you were influenced by, like when I was 15, Aerosmith and blah blah blah. So you think (?) a song and affect a kid, but also you gotta think, how am I writing this song? Am I doing it sincerely?    

[cut to another clip]

Slash: We go out and we play, you know? And we record and we rehearse when we go through our own personal problems. And the differentiation between the media and your personal life is starting to become a really big hassle.

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