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1992.02.DD - Video interview in Japan (Slash, Duff, Matt).

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1992.02.DD - Video interview in Japan (Slash, Duff, Matt). Empty 1992.02.DD - Video interview in Japan (Slash, Duff, Matt).

Post by Soulmonster on Mon 20 Jun 2011 - 18:33


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1992.02.DD - Video interview in Japan (Slash, Duff, Matt). Empty Re: 1992.02.DD - Video interview in Japan (Slash, Duff, Matt).

Post by Blackstar on Fri 28 Dec 2018 - 3:03


[Footage of Duff playing drums with Matt watching]

Duff: I know what the drummer is thinking in his head, you know, because I was a drummer for seven years and I still do play drums. And actually, I’ve just been finishing up with a solo record where I play everything on it.
Yeah, it’s gonna be coming out. Here in Japan, in the summer. Yeah, late summer.
Yeah, yeah, I’m on Geffen.

Interviewer: That’s great.

Yes, it’s cool, it’s fine. It was fun. I mean, it’s something that I could do, I was afforded the opportunity to do, which I’m grateful, you know? But... So I know what’s going on in Matt’s mind, drum-wise. I’m nowhere near as good a drummer as he is or nothing like that, but at least I know what he’s thinking. I know what Slash is thinking and it really helps me out and it helps, you know, everybody out. So it’s like, I’m kind of put into a kind of conductor type of position, you know?

[Footage from rehearsal – Gilby]

Matt: Well, he’s done a really good job considering that he had only about two weeks to learn the entire set, you know, of tunes. And basically we don’t learn a set; we learn, like, a lot of songs. So he learned about 30 songs for the tour and we pick from those. So, you know, in that respect he learned a lot of stuff in a short period of time, which is really brave.

[Footage from rehearsal – Gilby]

Slash: Gilby was the guy that fit in, like, right off. Same way that Matt worked out. And Gilby was the only guy that we actually had come down to the studio and rehearse on stage with us. So it was that kind of chemistry.

[Footage from rehearsal]

Slash: We went from being, basically, a glorified garage band through transitions and everything that we’ve been through; and then Matt coming to the band took us a whole another step, right? So then we were all able to grow as musicians, so we’re a lot more confident about trying to pull stuff off and keeping the groove together and...

[Footage from rehearsal]

Slash: To tell you the truth, I keep those two pretty separated. I play guitar, like, every... all the emotion that comes out of my guitar playing is pretty much just... It’s pretty much me and the guitar. It’s really not directed towards love or anything like that, although I’ve done some extended solos when there’s a good-looking girl in the front row (laughs). But it’s not the same as lyrics for me. Pretty ballads and stuff, when I write stuff like that, it might be inspired by a relationship or something, but as far as being on the road is concerned and playing with a lot of feeling in that capacity, it’s usually just me getting into the guitar; or everybody else in the band and how that inspires me. Yeah.    

[Footage from rehearsal]

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