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1991.08.05 - New York Magazine - Gush N' Roses

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1991.08.05 - New York Magazine - Gush N' Roses Empty 1991.08.05 - New York Magazine - Gush N' Roses

Post by Blackstar on Thu Dec 06, 2018 7:48 pm

1991.08.05 - New York Magazine - Gush N' Roses X96LnUYE_o


GUSH Ν’ ROSES: Rolling Stone is running a positive profile of Guns Ν’ Roses — and some journalists are upset. When it was reported in Spin that lead singer Axl Rose and the other members of the group required potential profilers to sign a contract, several writers were angry. The agreement gave the band full control over the text; if the deal was broken, the offending magazine had to pay $100,000. ‘‘The thing about that contract has really been blown out of proportion,” says Kim Neely, the Rolling Stone senior writer who has profiled the band. She says she didn’t have to sign any contract because “there are certain magazines that have never done them wrong in the past, and Rolling Stone is one of those magazines. We submitted two names to them, and they said either would be okay.... I’m a big fan.” A Guns Ν’ Roses spokesman says the notorious contract is no longer in use.

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