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1998.08.29 - The Pet Shop Show - Interview with Slash

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1998.08.29 - The Pet Shop Show - Interview with Slash Empty 1998.08.29 - The Pet Shop Show - Interview with Slash

Post by Blackstar on Fri Nov 30, 2018 5:17 am


Host: My next guest is one of rock and roll's great guitar players. Please welcome Slash and one of his favourite snakes!

[Slash enters]

Host: It's Slash! Man! We haven't had this reaction in years to a guest... since we had Fred Travelina on the show.

Slash: All things considered, how many years has been going on anyway?

Host: Not too long.


Host: Laughter is always good. Is something all right? Everything okay?

Slash: I have to keep a cool angle


Slash: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, before we get off on a bad start...

Host: Okay.

Slash: I didn't actually... I dressed in two seconds.

Host: Did you?

Slash: Yeah, so I didn't know what color pants you're gonna wear and I knew I was gonna bring a yellow snake. I didn't color coordinate the whole thing.



Host: So you don't bring these all these snakes on stage with you?

Slash: No, not at all.

Host: Because Alice Cooper used to do that.

Slash: I've seen... I've seen... Alice and I are good friends but it's part of his, uh, his stage show or whatever. But I've seen a lot of snakes die on the road. Shock value is one of those things that a lot of musicians or whatever would do to bring out that devilish... I'm not into that. My snakes are really just my pets.

Host: How did you get into snakes initially?

Slash: Like when I was about eight years old I went to San Francisco, I catch Garter snakes, you know, and ever since then...

Host:'ve been into it?

Slash: Yeah. But I was into dinosaurs... into anything that was wrong.


[Slash presenting two other reptiles in a taped segment]


Someone: I think you'll like this.

[someone unveiling art depicting an iguana holding an electric guitar]


Someone: There is a little top hat up here.

[discussing the iguana]

Someone: This is for you to hang up in your house. And I really like this guy.

Slash: He's a sweetheart.

Host: And we want to thank slash so much for coming here. You enjoy that. Slash is gonna play with the band right now!

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